Enterprises Need to Focus on Social Ads for a Greater Impact on ROI

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Enterprises Need to Focus on Social Ads for a Greater Impact on ROI

Although social ads require a lot of time and attention, with enough focus, it can bring a significant impact ROI

A recent eMarketer report predicted a 20% increase of $4.3 billion in social ad spending. It is time that companies start to focus on their social ad strategy. It is important to create and deliver strategies that ensure the ad spend is fruitful.

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One of the common mistakes most organizations make is to invest large chunks of the ad spend without testing their audience. Audience testing is imperative for social ads, even after doing extensive market research.

Several enterprises believe they already know their target audience and invest the bulk of their ad spend budget up front, looking for instant results. They can use tools such as Facebook’s split testing feature that enables them to split test up to five advertisements at once. Another way is to start a small test budget on an educated guess and then adjust if necessary.

As social ads are exposed to millions of people, negative comments can always be expected from a disgruntled former client or someone who simply did not like the ad. Negative comments lead to a loss of sales, and hence they should not be ignored.

The ultimate goal of a social ad is to spur action, and hence it is important to have a clear call to action. Make it easier for the customer to take action instead of only educating them about the product or service. According to the Global Web Index, 13% of social media users say that a “buy” button increases their likelihood of buying something they see in a social ad.

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Changing brand feel and strategy more often, not focusing on strong visuals, and not making changes as the initial performance data comes in, are some of the other mistakes companies make with their social ad strategy.