Customer Experience – B2B Enterprises Are Focusing on Three Main Factors

    Customer Experience

    Omnichannel and employee experience are some of the factors that should be highlighted

    B2B, as well as B2C organizations, are competing over customer experience more than product or price. A McKinsey report notes that B2B companies have an average customer experience score of less than 50%, as compared to 65%-85% for that of B2C companies. Even though several B2B firms say they prioritize customer experience, they fail to put them into actions.
    However, with the impact of COVID-19 on global industries, they are focusing and investing
    more in customer experience

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    Here are the three main factors that enterprises can focus on for a better customer experience

    Focusing on employee experience
    It is essential to understand that employee experience is as important as the customer experience.
    An employee who is motivated and engaged will naturally work on providing a better service for customers and go the extra mile to build great experiences. Organizations need to prioritize employee experience and establish strong cultures and a systematic feedback system to listen to employees as well as act on their suggestions. The main aim of employee experience is to provide tools for employees and ensure they are able to work to their full potential.

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    Omnichannel is the key
    Customers interact with companies via multiple channels and mainly end up calling the contact center and later communicating via chat or email. A consistent experience is one of the primary requirements of customers. For offering a completely focused omnichannel experience, it is important to start uniting data within their firm in order to create a strong understanding of individual customer requirement.

    Owing to the pandemic, there are several B2B companies that have slashed their spending; however they are still looking out for convenient digital experiences. B2B firms think digital transactions are multiple times more vital than traditional sales interactions, notes a recent survey from McKinsey. A solid omnichannel experience coupled with high-end digital experience will be more crucial in the post-COVID world.

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    Build close ties with customers
    Similar to B2C customers, all the customers in the B2B space are unique and have their own situation and preferences. They want personalized experiences with organizations that understand their specific situations and cater to their needs by providing necessary advice and guidance instead of just delivering sales.

    The pandemic has changed the business model and hence it is vital to build and maintain these relationships. Personalized treatment can help strengthen long-term relationships as companies pivot and adapt.

    B2B companies have been a step behind in terms of customer experience; however many of them are now realizing the benefits after investing in customers and employee experience.