Employee Experience (EX) is a key to Delivering Top-notch Customer Experience (CX)


    The Customer Experience success of any organization will be as good as the employee experience (EX).

    Many enterprises ingrain empathy in their work and Customer Relationship Management processes as a key to ensuring employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Enterprises that aim to offer a top-notch customer experience need to start with their first clients, which are their employees. According to a report published by Statista in 2021, nearly 45% of the professionals globally said that their entire workforce is highly engaged in delivering customer experience. The study also highlights that nearly 25.3% of the clients rated the organization’s CX capabilities seven out of ten. Many enterprises with customer-centric workflows have witnessed success in their strategies by keeping employees at first. How employees feel about the brand they work with; heavily reflects in the customer experience delivered.

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    Employee experience influences CX

    A lot of organizations today find it challenging to process because there is a tremendous disconnect between business leaders and employees that results in a siloed work culture. Decision makers that implement change without data-driven employee insights will end up in a bigger silo.

    Organizations that do not prioritize improving the employee experience might have devastating consequences. In enterprises with poor EX, customers will be interacting with disengaged and unhappy resources that hamper the customer experience.

    Here are a few ways why EX plays a crucial role in delivering CX:

    Resources should have enthusiasm, commitment, and integrity

    C-suite plays a crucial role in delivering a top-notch employee experience and developing the overall work culture of the organization. It is crucial to keep the employees engaged and motivated throughout their lifecycles to maintain continuous commitment and resilience.

    Many enterprises that infused customer experience and employee experience throughout their workflows have enabled them to have a higher success rate.

    Organizations need to invest strategically in EX and CX

    Businesses with a global reach need to keep the stakeholders, management, and employees from all the digital and contact center teams in the loop to ensure the EX and CX are aligned to optimize the results. As customer journeys and workforce dynamics are evolving to become more complex, industry veterans are exploring opportunities to orchestrate omnichannel experiences. Business leaders can implement digital engagement tools to suffice customer needs and expectations while minimizing the negative impact that those needs have on employees. Rather than having responsive strategies that react to customer demands, enterprises can make accurate predictions of those requirements and offer the right experience at the right time on all channels.

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    Embrace tools to improve EX and CX

    Customer and employee experience are not two different functionalities in businesses; they are intermingled at various touchpoints. Enterprises expect their workforce to deliver a top-notch customer experience at all touch points. Business leaders that have effective strategies to improve EX will help the organization lead by example and deliver a reflective CX. Integrating robust tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to improve the overall CX and EX.

    These tools enable enterprises to understand and digest data in an effective way to get valuable insights to make necessary changes to improve customer and employee loyalty. The Great Resignation has a tremendous impact on the marketplace and how talent moves in the industry. Enterprises that had to face the biggest attritions had a terrible impact on their customer experience. The organizations that were digitally transformed witnessed a manageable impact of the great resignation because they were able to offer an enhanced digital customer and employee experience.

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