Email Marketing – The Most Popular Technique to Drive Revenue

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Email Marketing – The Most Popular Technique to Drive Revenue

In the digital era, e-mail marketing is still considered an essential part of their marketing strategy. The potential of e-mail marketing to engage and personalize its target audience can result in a considerable return on investment and successful marketing.

Top Three Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Today, in the middle of large scale digital transformation of enterprises, and hence changing marketing trends, this proven “old-school” technique can lead to successful lead generation and nurturing. Mail campaigns are as appealing as any other new B2B marketing trends, even today. According to a report by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs on “B2B Content Marketing 2020”, nearly 31% of the organizations agree that email newsletters are still a successful measure of their marketing campaigns. In fact, e-mail newsletters or direct e-mails powered by social media marketing are getting companies’ satisfactory ROI with minimal efforts and investment.

Campaign Monitor has recently released a report that says that e-mail marketing as a critical marketing strategy found an increase in 2019. In the US, 38% of people were found driven to action with email -based on the real results out of a vast data set, around 30 billion emails for 2019. According to this study, 74% of marketers said personalized e-mails help in customer engagement quickly. They have found to see an increase of 20% in sales while utilizing the same.

B2B marketers are reaching out to various users, creating an immediate demand, and enhancing their chances of targeting more new customers. Supported by different segmentation and automation tools, marketers can provide the appropriate and relevant content at a preferable time and actively keep track to measure how their email campaigns are running.

Strategizing on Need Analysis – ABM in B2B Marketing

Today, it is no secret to businesses that millennials spend a lot of time on their smartphones and using the internet. Even tech giants like Google, Amazon, etc. hinge on e-mails (direct mails) as an integral part of the new customer acquisition strategy.

Similarly, personalized e-mails also attract an increased number of consumers since they offer relevant content. To move forward to a 1:1 experience, B2B marketers are struggling to leverage e-mail personalization.

Clearly, marketing is now a data-driven discipline. Thus marketers are continually looking for direct and innovative ways to improve their engagement and reach between the brand and its users.