Efficient Ways of B2B Marketing Attribution

    Efficient Ways of B2B Marketing Attribution
    Efficient Ways of B2B Marketing Attribution

    B2B marketing attribution enhances the capabilities of the CMOs to map the buyer’s journeys and form the connect between marketing and revenue.

    As the B2B digital footprints are scaling at an exponential rate, CMOs are curious to understand if their marketing efforts are actually creating a solid pipeline and reaping benefits. In a B2B purchase cycle, multiple people are involved in the purchase decision, which makes selling challenging for marketers.

    Marketing attributions help presales teams to overcome the hurdles in the intricate and long B2B customer journeys. Implementing a robust multi-touch attribution system to gather and accurately attribute marketing touchpoints to revenue is essential.

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    Here are a few tips to accurately attribute the spending and enhance the B2B marketing campaigns:

    Select a repository

    The CMOs should consider evaluating and selecting the right repository for their businesses. For many enterprises, the best CRM software is the effective repository that accumulates all the data.

    Gather all the ads conversion data and website

    Marketing teams find themselves in constant data chaos while gaining attribution insights because of the silos in the data gathered from websites, channels, and other sources accumulated for evaluation. The B2B marketers need to monitor all the leads that visit the website and transfer them to the repository.

    CMOs should consider integrating the ads conversion data and website analytics into a multi-touch attribution system of records to get a transparent picture of how the buyers engage with the touchpoints, customer acquisition cost, and client lifetime value. It is a perfect way to correctly allocate revenue by identifying and paying the marketing touches or channels that converted sales.

    Attribute each website lead to the source channel

    Instead of connecting the dots from different lists of the marketing touches, it is recommended to implement a B2B multi-touchpoint to automatically connect all the touchpoint dots to the buyer’s journey. It will assist the CMOs in evaluating whether they have achieved the desired outcome and later connect it to the buyer’s journey to calculate and assign a revenue credit and cost, which will result in the best attribution precision and data-driven insights to enhance their budgets with revenue.

    Determine the attribution framework

    Based on the organization’s marketing goals, the CMOs should consider what attribution to focus on from first click, last click, time decay, position-based, or linear attribution model. Depending on the channel where the client engages in their buyer journey, it will carry different weightage in every attribution model.

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    Implement a robust business intelligence tool with an aesthetic dashboard

    Transferring the data from the repository to the business intelligence tools will assist the B2B marketing teams to get a visual representation of the attribution model. Marketers have multiple choices to get an aesthetic representation of B2B marketing attribution data to analyze the performance over time.

    Consider everything to get valuable insights.

    If the marketing teams fail to add up the accurate cost and assign the right revenue credit will hamper the marketing optimization efforts. This is usually a big challenge for CMOs that consider the ROI accountability of various channels and have massive budgets sanctioned. For such B2B marketers, multi-touchpoint attribution practices will mitigate the risks of duplicate and inaccurate revenue credit with the increasing complexity of the B2B purchase journey. Once the CMOs consider all the aspects, they will be able to precisely find the relevance between marketing and revenue.

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