E-commerce Firms are Beefing their Content Teams

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    E-commerce companies are now gearing up their content moderation teams to serve local and international markets.

    E-commerce company Flipkart is already working to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to monitor its content. This team pushes safe advertising which runs on various sites and filters thousands of URLs during their nine-hour shift.

    The team goes through URLs from across the internet in a day, sent by data scientists to see if these sites are safe for the company.

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    The tech company hires foreign moderators to handle non-English geographies like Germany and France. Amazon had earlier also run a few pilots to start a content moderation team, said people aware of the matter.

    The rising demand for content moderators is reflected in the increase in jobs for this profile. As per job portal Indeed.com, from January 2018-2019, job postings for the role of a content moderator saw a 72% spike compared to the year before.

    There are various methods and patterns that can be detected from a device and based on the behavior, IP address is also tracked to flag this content.

    Other retailers are still majorly outsourcing these activities to third-party companies. But Job postings for these roles have gone up by almost 30% in the last 3 years; searches for the job have seen an increase of 58% during the same period, as per a report from Indeed.

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