Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

    Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

    With 2022 right around the corner, it is time for CMOs to gear up to advance their marketing strategies.

    The digital marketing industry has witnessed an upheaval in their operations since the start of COVID-19. With marketing teams continuously finding ways to deal with constant mood swings of their audience and customers to adding latest tools in their martech stack to keep up with the competition, the past couple of years have considerably stretched them. Additionally, they had to navigate with the continuous budget cuts that many organizations were forced to make to sustain their business operation. But the upcoming year 2022 seems to bring a better future for them. Not only are most brands financially equipped but other members of the board now also acknowledge the critical role that digital marketing plays. That said, now the marketing department has plenty of tools as well as opportunities to effectively engage with audiences. Here are a few digital marketing trends that brands should watch out to improve and enhance their leads, sales and conversions in the upcoming year.

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    Hybrid Events will be the “new normal”

    Since the pandemic restricted the gathering of people, brands had no choice but to go fully digital to talk about their products and services. Even though the restriction around COVID-19 eased, many people are still hesitant to participate in in-person events. Hence, organizations should opt for its alternative, a hybrid event.

    While the move to hybrid is not new, brands were left with no choice but to adapt to this model fast in the wake of social distancing and remote work. Offering a combination of in-person and online, hybrid events are sustainable and inclusive. Conducting such events will be even more inclusive for individuals with disabilities making them an ideal choice to accommodate a bigger audience. With pandemic highlighting the importance of sustainable practices, customers will opt for brands that will increasingly implement the hybrid model.

    Artificial intelligence

    AI’s use in the digital marketing industry is not new. Many brands are already integrating it to enhance their digital marketing efforts. But, in the coming year, they will integrate smarter AI-powered features into their SEO, SMM and other digital marketing strategies.

    It will help brands in business forecasting and predictions. Moreover, industries such as healthcare, finance and other industries can use AI-powered tools to formulate digital strategies in attracting and retaining customers.

    In 2022, brands will increasingly depend on AI tools for digital process automation to deliver an automated response to customer queries. This will help them to improve the customer service satisfaction score of the business.

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    Search engines these days are prioritizing quality content. Thus, brands that concentrate their efforts on enhancing customer experience by delivering clear, attractive, engaging and informative content have a better chance to improve their rankings, leads and conversions.

    As per 2018 Google data, nearly 52% of voice-activated speakers desire to receive information about deals, sales and promotions while 39% would like to receive business data such as store hours. In the coming year, brands will increasingly opt to optimize their pages for voice searches.

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