Digital Marketing – The Cornerstone of Businesses in the Crisis Period

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    Digital Marketing – The Cornerstone of Businesses in the Crisis Period

    Digital marketing has become more evident for every marketer amid worldwide lockdowns and related concerns due to the Coronavirus outbreak

    As the business ecosystem around the world is struggling with the adverse effect of COVID-19, businesses are facing severe uncertainty. Over the years, traditional marketing and sales paradigms have already been rapidly evolving.

    Thanks to digitization, marketers can operate remotely and reach out to their customers, even during difficult periods when brick-and-mortar stores globally have been forced to shut down temporarily as a result of lockdowns and social distancing. Clearly, digital marketing today has gained priority over traditional business practices.

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    The current reality also has highly accelerated e-commerce transactions. Before, there had been millions of people who were reluctant to avail of goods or services online. Now digital commerce seems to be the best way forward! Simply put, the consumer purchase landscape is most likely to stay like this for some more time. Chances of the practices being followed a few months ago will never come back again.

    The powers of 5G and mobile technologies have created a new world, where it is completely possible to avoid a physical store. Besides, the emerging of “fingertip society” has made nearly everything just a click away.

    And this disruption has caused many businesses to realize that if they are not available on the web, they will face a hard time serving the “modern consumer” and their changing behavior.

    B2B enterprises have also recognized the power of digitization and thus, re-evaluating their business models and strategies. Experts say it is vital to understand that we have entered into a new era where the necessity of online traffic is more crucial than the foot traffic for most brands.

    For instance, many B2B brands highly rely on business expos and international events for their development. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, social distancing is the new normal, and as a result, most brands have postponed or canceled offline gatherings such as conferences.

    This is now pushing industries to realize the importance of conducting the virtual event and other functionalities digitally.

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    However, there is a flip side too. The sudden urge for everything digital has exposed the vulnerabilities of many organizations, and some are slow to cope up, indicating the importance of digital transformation.

    Increasingly, more consumers are taking part in this journey of instant virtual experience, and the demands are most likely to elevate, increasing the pace of adoption.

    The e-Commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, etc. have already proved that the majority of the consumers prefer internet-based shopping and communication, over traditional. Clearly, the digital transformation is here to stay – with the heightened exposure to virtual experiences that the pandemic has made the new normal!