Digital Marketing – Marketers Need to Tweak Strategies amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

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    Digital Marketing – Marketers Need to Tweak Strategies amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

    Marketers need course correction on their digital strategies, as the marketing industry is feeling the ripple effects of limited social interactions for the foreseeable future

    As the lockdown period continues to extend all around the world, online channels will come forward to play a vital role. Today, brands and businesses are tweaking their marketing tactics to meet business objectives in this new environment. Marketers will need to reevaluate their business goals and marketing strategies due to the disrupted marketing landscape. They need to ask the right questions at this time- focusing on what customers want during a time like this. Or, ‘Does a brand require a redistribution of marketing budgets’?

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    It is a good time to update the FAQs on company websites. Besides, updating new information related to COVID-19, with a focus on the voice search ranking improvements, maybe on the agenda now. The coronavirus crisis is giving rise to new search patterns and trends almost daily. Knowing what pages consumers are visiting and what they are searching, will help marketers fine-tune the company’s marketing message on the go.

    It is essential to own the actionable data about consumers. In times like these, it is important to leverage the power of marketing automation by combining it with smart ideas for targeted campaigns based on real-time data. At the same time, marketers should not ignore the GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations ‘compliance.

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    There has been a spike in uncertainty and frustration among people due to the coronavirus pandemic. Marketers are responding to the current situation with empathy and creativity. They are using tools to gain insights on what consumers need at the moment and respond with personal relevance at an unprecedented scale.

    Going forward, and in the longer run, these insights will be key to smarter marketing strategies while consumers are distancing themselves physically but remaining connected digitally.