Digital Marketing Data Key to Gaining a Competitive Advantage and Improving the Bottom Line


    Nowadays, almost all enterprises aim to become data-driven. However, marketers and businesses are missing out on the enormous opportunity that digital marketing data presents them with.

    Digital marketing data is an asset for the entire company, notably the sales and service teams, given its unique position at the forefront of both consideration and awareness. Organizations fail to recognize the benefits and significance of streamlining processes and aligning teams because data often remains in silos across many platforms.

    The key is decentralizing data and improving communication between the marketing, sales, and service teams. Efficient data management and revenue operations can be the key to unlocking data, gaining a competitive advantage, and boosting a company’s bottom line.

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    Empowering Customer Service and Sales Teams with Digital Marketing Data

    To better understand the preferences of existing customers and create more tailored experiences, and identify opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, many businesses are collecting data about them. However, marketers are also getting knowledgeable about buyer intent data, which can be relayed to sales teams to assist them in reaching prospects with the right messaging on the right channel when they are most likely to make a purchase decision.

    In the end, this data can offer insights across the board for the company, whether in marketing, sales, or customer support.

    By supporting everything from nurturing prospects and satisfying existing customers to spotting emerging trends and mapping personas, digital marketing data can help across the buyer journey.

    Of course, doing so isn’t simple. Unlocking data value can be challenging.

    Leveraging Revenue Operations (RevOps)

    One way forward-looking enterprises are trying to get ahead is through Revenue Operations. To develop a data-driven, agile framework throughout the customer life cycle, RevOps focuses on alignment between customer service, sales, marketing, and executive operations.

    Data has historically been managed in silos as these functions have operated separately in the past. This has an effect on its accuracy, completeness, and quality and ultimately prevents it from offering a single source of truth. RevOps can be crucial in overcoming this. It can help create a framework where businesses can deliver a unified data strategy that provides an end-to-end perspective that all teams require to increase revenue.

    However, utilizing the RevOps framework successfully necessitates the input of high-quality data, a harmonious combination of internal and external data, the ability of teams to import data quickly, and efficient data management.

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    Utilize Master Data Management (MDM)

    Even though businesses are aware of the need to be data-driven, many find it difficult to manage the diversity, volume, and velocity of their data. Master Data Management is consequently necessary for collecting, managing, and understanding marketing data.

    This is a tech-enabled discipline, in other words, where IT and the larger business collaborate to guarantee the consistency, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency, and accountability of the enterprise’s official shared master data assets. Of course, data is essential to this. To translate data into insight, however, it takes a convergence of people, policies, processes, and technology.

    To understand the current state of data in the organization and the people, processes, and technology that support it, this journey requires a clear roadmap. Only then can businesses eliminate silos, integrate their strategies, and empower individuals with a single source of truth to guide decision-making.

    Becoming Truly Data Driven

    Digital marketing data is crucial for informing investment choices, updating the rest of the company, and ultimately driving success. But opening up data flows to better serve the enterprise can be complicated.

    Thankfully, enterprises have partners they can rely on to bring the expertise and a strong track record of mastering RevOps and data management in their own organizations, as well as for numerous customers.

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