Experience Selling will lead the way ahead for B2B Enterprises, revealed a study.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution dawns, B2B buyers are demanding human-centric experiences and interactive content. A recent report by Deloitte titled “Experience Selling: The Future of B2B Sales” has claimed that B2B customer demands are continually changing, and they are likely to persist. Customers are moving from being product-based to value-centered experience throughout their buying journey.

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Nearly 75% of buyers are looking for input from their peers and spending most of the time researching. The report stated, “B2B buyers are being influenced by their experiences as consumers…Business problems often are now also technology problems, decision-makers are inundated with data, and these decisions can impact a greater number of business functions and stakeholders. These influences are shaping what customers buy and how they buy it—the B2B customer is now shifting from buying products and solutions to buying experiences that generate value from the first interaction to long after the order is placed.”

Thus, market leaders are trying to view the buying journey from the perspective of customers to operate the customer experience (CX) effectively. They are focused on designing a new B2B sales experience to fulfill customer demands, including three key elements: personalization, speed, and outcomes. To satisfy the given elements, B2B enterprises are taking time to “understand buyers’ internal processes as well as the sellers’ day-in-the-life to inform how they need to transform and define a vision for the interactions they want to create”.

Undoubtedly, B2B sales needs are transforming! To deliver the right B2B experience, marketers are continually striving to keep up with the ever-evolving market trends. As a result, many B2B brands are growing much faster than the market average,  and at a lower cost – precisely, in a 3X rate of Laggers (22% vs. 7%) and spending about 50% less on sales (21% vs. 33%).

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Lately, the industry is experiencing a remarkable move in the B2B marketing ideologies – including engaging content, quick value, personalization, and value-based outcomes. To drive the transformation, businesses are re-visiting their business models and modernizing their sales functionalities to be more strategic, agile, and analytical.