Data Is Driving Video Content Marketing in the Digital Era

    Data Is Driving Video Content Marketing in the Digital Era (1)

    With the growing significance of marketing video globally, more companies are leveraging video consumption data in order to steer sales.

    In this digital era, video in marketing has become a key driver for a brand for acquiring traffic. In fact, focusing on the ROI for video content is the investment strategy for marketing teams across many brands.

    By 2021, almost 82% of the consumer IP traffic would be video-focused, claims the Visual Network Index by Cisco. Majorly, the growth will be propelled by social networking platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

    As video content has become a significant aspect of the marketing models, their advantage, consumption, and economic viability are now more critical than ever to marketers. Business leaders see it as a tool to drive business action and not an entertaining medium on professional grounds.

    According to experts, most marketing leaders are prioritizing web traffic enhancement as their primary goal. The rapid switch has pushed this to digitization amid the pandemic. Today, it is more crucial than ever to analyze target the right audience at the right time and knowing what works.

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    Simply put, data-driven video marketing enables the ability to create highly-targeted videos with intelligent, personalization tools. Bigger brands have been the guiding light for the newcomers – age, location, interests, and affinities bring valuable insights to any campaign.

    Brands see the real impact of personalization in this unprecedented era of social media. It is allowing businesses to push out exciting content with a more personal touch. And today, it is no secret that a data-driven approach leads to higher ROI on the marketing spend.

    As per Invespcro, about 64% of marketing leaders indicated that data-driven marketing is crucial to the economy – especially in such recovering times. This is simply because when data is leveraged, it can extend the reach spanning multiple video channels. Such customer insights ensure that the viewership remains consistent and aligned.

    Undoubtedly, the sifted data can uncover accurate, actionable information for brands with the help of big data. Here, marketers can pre-target the audience, lining up videos accordingly. A projection of the preferences can be supported to push videos, ensuring the content is timely and relevant – whilst the buyers are in buying mode!

    Videos today are being created with a “call to action” in the end – various benefits of the platforms involving a swipe up link, download whitepaper, email, and more can be plugged. Clearly, if a channel is efficient and reaches the right audience on time, then a ‘good’ video can result in the best performance and, ultimately, drive more sales.