Data-Centric Content Strategy to Drive Successful Marketing Campaigns in 2021

    Data-Centric Content Strategy to Drive Successful Marketing Campaigns in 2021

    Big data analytics is facilitating enterprises to drive effective marketing campaigns in this digital marketplace.

    In this evolving business landscape, CMOs highly rely on actionable data in order to drive successful buyer-centric marketing campaigns. With content strategy becoming a crucial marketing tool, analytics is prompting brand communication to get better outcomes.

    According to a recent study by Technavio, content marketing budgets are forecasted to reach $412 billion by 2021. Hence, businesses are hopeful for more ROI from content marketing. In its essence, it is safe to say that content marketing has gone beyond a trend – since brands prioritize it to accomplish their business strategies.

    Altogether, big data analytics is progressively used to create content that is being read more, generating more revenue in the long run. Leveraging the available consumer data, businesses are capable of customizing buyer interaction, influencing the entire buyer journey – while segmenting their prospects wisely.

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    Indeed, this can help marketers to optimize marketing budgets and maximize the brand’s impact. Lately, brands have been analyzing audience interests to observe user behavior. For a case in point, services like Google Analytics benefits with data of every type of visit – including reading timings, content type, the device in use, etc.

    Thus, such data is being used by marketers to drive the editorial calendar. And this is how data can guide the creation and distribution of various digital publications. Thus, business investments in analytics have rapidly surged.

    In its context, Markets and markets found that the global market revenue for big data will develop to $229.4 billion by 2025 from $138.9 billion in 2020. This will be at a CAGR of 10.6% in the predicted period.

    Companies can target the right and informed audience with data analytics on content publications, ensuring their marketing content and the investments in it is not getting wasted on irrelevant companies. With this focus on the target list, businesses can yield results that are aligned with their goals.

    Moreover, as per experts, leveraging advanced technologies can’t impact the concepts derived from the real audience insights. A simple questionnaire can be more effective than a VR tool that’s complicated for users. Still, CMOs need to ensure safety measures to escape the rising online scams.

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    Today, nearly 60% of the banner ad traffic is fake, which involves impressions on fake websites or clicks by bots – claimed an AdPros study. In fact, many fraudulent influencers have fake or bot follower lists and false engagements.

    As a result, it is critical to be wary of the fact and prioritize suing third-party content marketing software to power big data strategies. This will support neutrally verifying media properties, demonstrating real engagement and reach – from a genuine audience.

    Clearly, content marketers should capitalize on new, exciting strategies that capture the consumers’ interest in looking at the evolving marketplace. Currently, big data can help marketers have improved insights on what they must be focussing on – and this will help in planning a content framework for the long-run of the company.

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