CX Trends: How to Deepen Customer Relationships In 2022

    CX Trends How to Deepen Customer Relationships In 2022-01

    Digital-first service experiences of previous years have redefined marketers’ future as the world enters 2022. Following the consumers’ shift to digital platforms, businesses redefine the customer experience. Customer delight is taking a new form as the world opens up, and the option of online as well as in-store experiences is back in play.

    Businesses have quickly adapted to enable digital and virtual experiences to minimize the impact of pandemic-related disruptions for customers. According to the recent Freshworks report “The Future of CX: 2022,” 80% of businesses now demand a quicker response from marketers following digitalization. The report surveyed 4,500 companies and analyzed 107 million customer interactions to understand the critical drivers of customer satisfaction.

    Following are some areas businesses need to focus on as 2022 progresses to ensure that they continue to build a positive experience for their customers.

    Be more proactive

    As there will be more significant growth in customer expectations in the next five years, marketers must stay ahead of their peers and competitors. Brands require artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to acquire insights and information about their customers before reaching out to them.

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    Information including customers’ data preference, when they engage with outbound messaging, and their preferred channel, will drive brands to control the conversation better and have more meaningful interactions outright.

    Information that can be garnered throughout the customer’s journey with a brand is critical to pick up the relationship right where it left off. Quicker interactions show respect for customers and free up agents to handle more interactions.

    Marketers need to move away from “spamming” in favor of proactive communication that adds value to build trust, appreciation, and loyalty. To guide users through searches and troubleshooting provides customers additional ways to interact with the marketers and solve issues at their available time using automated AI-driven conversational chatbots.

    More investment in CX interactions

    Businesses understand the impact of positive customer experiences for maintaining brand loyalty. Expert communicators play an essential role in personalized and friendly interaction with customers. The critical component in delivering successful interactions leads to customer retention.

    Businesses need to improve employee retention as about 41% of employees in the US have considered changing or quitting their present job following the global pandemic according to Microsoft’s report, ‘The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work—Are We Ready?’. Marketers are expected to find new ways to show customer service representatives that their work is appreciated.

    While businesses are better equipped for the digital age than two years ago, continued evolution is necessary to meet higher customer expectations and maintain brand loyalty. Brands must remain agile and adaptable as they navigate 2022 and the demands of an increasingly digital world.

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    Messaging and mobile-first conversations

    68% of WhatsApp users in the Freshworks report explained that it is the most convenient way to engage with a brand. For consumers, the ability to continue conversations at their own pace on an app they already use is the right choice. As the go-to channels of engagement Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Line Chat are emerging.

    Brands can also deeper the customer relationship bond by offering consumers the familiarity of messaging and the convenience of engaging on a mobile device. Making customer service accessible in every customer’s pocket is always a big win.

    As traditional channels such as phones are far more expensive to operate, messaging channels are shown to slash up to 60% of the cost per customer interaction. Therefore, by going messaging and mobile-first, businesses can keep an always-on open line of communication with every customer.

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