Customer Retention or Customer Acquisition: What Matters More for Business Growth?

    Customer Retention or Customer Acquisition: What Matters More for Business Growth?

    As enterprises maximize their digital marketing efforts, they must balance customer acquisition and retention processes for business growth.

    Businesses require both customer retention and acquisition to grow. Both processes are important, but they function differently at different stages.

    A survey by Invesp finds that

    44% of companies focus on customer acquisition, and 18% focus on retention.

    In totality, 40% of companies equally prioritize customer acquisition and retention. Despite this, many companies find it challenging to balance focusing on customer acquisition or working for customer retention.

    To ease the challenge, the article shows the difference between them and how they are both important in driving business growth.

    What is Customer Acquisition?

    Customer acquisition is inviting and converting new customers to the business. It involves marketing activities to reach potential customers, raise brand awareness, and convince them to purchase.

    The process also involves designing, attracting, and selling products to potential customers. This helps brands to expand their reach and find more growth opportunities.

    What is Customer Retention?

    Customer retention focuses on nurturing and maintaining existing customers. Brands and marketers include a list of marketing activities for their services and products to keep their customers engaged. Marketers plan marketing activities for a particular product or service that they want to market.

    It includes the latest information, updates, launches, or new offerings that help customers make repeat purchases with the brand.

    The process also focuses on delivering exceptional customer experiences by providing value to customers so they build long-lasting relationships with the brand.

    However, there is always a risk of customers quickly switching over to other brands if they do not find value. That makes brands stay connected with customers by understanding their needs. This is one of the key components of successful customer retention.

    How do Retention and Acquisition Drive Business Growth?

    Brands require both customer retention and acquisition to drive their business. The difference is that they both function in different ways.

    1. Acquisition helps in growing the customer base: Brands inviting new customers helps gather many customers, which is necessary during the initial setup. Brands need customers to launch products and services. That makes marketers think of creative approaches to acquire customers effectively.
    2. Retention helps in growing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Brands focusing on retaining customers will eventually help grow their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). CLV is a metric representing a company’s net profit from any customer throughout their relationship.

    Best Practices for Customer Retention

    • Provide Quick Solutions

    Brands that are quick with their approach to their customers are likely to be a customer’s favorite. Customers want speedy solutions and quick responses. It is one of the effective ways to keep customers engaged and ensure they return for more. This practice enables a brand to fight competition in the long term.

    • Empower Customers with Convenience

    Convenience is key in innovative customer retention moves. Brands may apply different ways of providing convenience to customers to prefer their products and services over others.

    They can build mobile applications, social media pages, and landing pages for customers to identify convenient solutions. This will also help brands to make their products accessible to customers.

    • Add Personalization

    Adding personalization to the customer retention strategy can help brands keep customers engaged throughout their buying journey.

    For this, marketers should identify audience personas and communicate with them about their needs. The process makes brands more human in approach to which customers get attracted easily.

    Personalization in customer services, social media channels, and mobile marketing boosts customer interactions, which becomes a key step for retaining customers.

    Best Practices for Customer Acquisition

    • Define Target Audience

    For a successful customer acquisition, brands should understand their ideal customers. They must prepare a list based on their demand and demographic details. Added to the solutions they seek, marketers can ready custom offerings. The approach will help marketers build targeted strategies to reach potential customers to drive the business.

    • Email Marketing

    Marketers consider email marketing as their primary acquisition channel. It is one of the most effective and profitable strategies when done accurately.

    Here are some ways to do it:

    Build a potential customers’ mailing list. It is important to acquire customers through email marketing. Making a database of the potential email addresses is the first step. Marketers can then align them with accurate products or services to reach potential customers in one go.

    Creating engaging subject lines. Brands can craft personalized email subject lines based on potential customers’ demands and interests. This increases the chances of customers to connect with the brand faster.

    • Social Media Marketing

    In this digital era, social media can boost brand awareness and create connections to much broader audiences. Brands can choose paid and organic social media marketing strategies to aim for customer acquisition.

    Here are some ways a brand can acquire customers:

    1. Tactical Social media strategy: Well-planned strategies will help target customers and create content based on services and products.
    2. Strong social media presence: Well-planned strategies will help target customers and create content based on services and products.
    3. Inclusion of Interactive Sessions: They will help brands promote their products and services uniquely and interactively, grabbing visitors’ attention. Using polls, questionnaires, and incentives may boost visitors to convert customers quickly.

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    How Companies Can Build the Right Balance of Customer Acquisition and Retention?

    Customer acquisition is a necessary step while building a business. For this, they need to follow:

    • Trending market needs
    • A market-fit product launch
    • Content consumption trends

    On the other hand, customer retention is necessary to drive business growth. For this, they need to follow:

    • Changing customer demand
    • Marketing strategies
    • Good customer service
    • Customer experiences

    The brands should have proper strategies to conduct these processes at the right time to the right customers. The outreach needs to be inclusive.

    Otherwise, there may be challenges for brands that only focus on one aspect to drive business growth.

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