Customer Experience in 2021 – Enterprises Focused on Digital Solutions

    Marketers are experimenting with creativity, and digital solutions as customer experience in this era are more crucial than ever before.

    With the on-going market uncertainty, what makes organizations more successful is how they cope with customer journeys and deliver buying experiences. Marketers that want their products and the buying experience they provide to resonate with their prospects and customers are seeing positive business outcomes.

    A recent Pointillist study revealed that nearly 79% of marketers consider that a journey-based strategy is “extremely important” or “very important” for the success of their company. In fact, for brands that are aligned with a customer-centric marketing approach, almost 94% noted finding more opportunities to improve CX.

    Benish Shah
    Benish Shah, Chief Growth Officer at Loop & Tie

    In this context, Benish Shah, Chief Growth Officer at Loop & Tie explained – “2021 is going to be about unlearning the playbooks of years prior and resisting the urge to use 2020 as the new playbook. It will be a plan-per-month game, and the importance of marketers that understand the consumer mind-set will become increasingly important. It will be a year of solving problems for consumers rather than selling them something new.”

    Lately, consumers are inundated more than ever with marketing messages from their preferred brands, forcing marketers to boost relevance as well as creativity to cut through their noise in the market.  . Dedicated teams for customer journey management are the need of the day.

    Mirko Holzer, CEO at BrandMaker.

    “Connecting with target consumers, who are increasingly more online, will be more challenging this year, meaning close consideration to content and meaningful messaging will be imperative. The right technology helps marketers to score and prioritize content to directly trigger the content-creation process so they can more efficiently create, distribute and launch the new content they need to engage consumers,” said Mirko Holzer, CEO at BrandMaker.

    Today, multiple solutions can take in new customer feedback to build an improved buying journey.  COVID-19 has accelerated the rush towards digital experiences, and businesses are modifying their practices virtually as customers switched their mode of interaction. Most of this change will continue post-pandemic.

    Leveraging a journey-based methodology allows high performing enterprises to become more efficient in different CX areas – including data integration, customer journey analysis, and orchestration. Experts believe effective integrating, analyzing, and deriving insights from this data is the foundation of a positive buyer journey management plan.

    Gill Allouche
    Gil Allouche, founder and CEO of

    Gil Allouche, founder and CEO of has the final word, “In 2021, B2B marketers will mimic a lot of the customer experiences from the consumer world, including a surge in customer data (1st and 3rd party), creating personal customer journeys for each individual/company (e.g., ABM on steroids), experimenting religiously with different audiences, channels, creative and content (e.g., multivariate testing) and finally using AI to automate all of that.”