Customer Experience- 40% of Businesses Significantly Exceeded Their Business Goals in 2019

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Customer Experience- 40% of Businesses Significantly Exceeded Their Business Goals in 2019

Adobe’s Digital Trends 2020 report reveals that businesses that focus on customer experience (CX) are three times more likely to have exceeded their goals in 2019.

The Adobe 2020 Digital Trends in Asia Pacific report is based on a survey of more than 13,000 marketing, advertising, e-commerce, and IT professionals, working for brands and agencies in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. According to the report, 40% of businesses across the globe who are leading in customer experience CX significantly exceeded their business goals last year.

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According to the report, businesses in the APAC region are aware of the importance of CX and are optimizing the customer journey in 2020. Around 19% of the companies in APAC identified better CX as their most exciting opportunity. Enterprises in APAC will also be leading global CX technology investment, with 57% of them planning to invest more in CX technology. In comparison, 51% of companies in Europe are looking to invest in CX and 41% in North America in 2020. The report found that both India and China are investing in mobile and video to enhance brand engagement. Meanwhile, prioritizing the customer journey is the main focus for Australia and New Zealand.

Only 7% of APAC organizations consider themselves mature in the space, as compared to 12% in North America and 11% for the rest of the world. Globally, CX leaders are now focusing on obtaining and developing a talented workforce. One of the most significant concerns for 2020 for 40% of CX leaders is to attract and retain talent in digital, data, and CX-related areas. Furthermore, 26% of the businesses surveyed mentioned searching and continuing working the right people with the right skills is a barrier in creating successful digital experiences.

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CX leaders are 27% more likely to invest in training as compared to non-CX leaders (20%), found the survey. APAC region takes the top spot against Europe and North America on the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology. Around 55% of APAC businesses are using or are planning to use these technology tools to scale further. Enterprises in APAC are aiming to bridge the CX maturity gap in their IT budgets as 34% of them are planning to invest in ML and AI compared to 25% globally.

Moving to a customer-first model comprises multiple things instead of merely implementing a piece of technology. It includes looking at the bigger picture and shifting business strategy, investment, and culture that are supported by the right processes.