Customer Conversations in New Normal – the Shorter, the Better

    Customer Conversations in New Normal – the Shorter, the Better

    Businesses are using advanced technology to shorten customer conversations and the overall engagement cycle.

    Lately, companies are seeing a change in customer behavior and buying patterns as a result of the pandemic. This is putting more pressure on the IT team – in order to respond to new customer requirements and enhance the customer experience.

    As a result, global CXOs are focusing on keeping customer conversations. Businesses are implementing new digital technologies – although there are concerns related to cash-flows. Substantial progress in AI-enabled speech-to-text, as well as text-to-speech solutions, have facilitated in providing a seamless voice-driven customer experience.

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    According to Gartner, about 25% of customer service functionalities will utilize virtual customer assistants by 2020. In fact, call volumes to enterprise contact centers risen almost 300% at the initial stage of COVID-19, claimed Pindrop Pulse Flash.

    Moreover, agent calls capacity dropped by 20% even though most centers were able to restore about 50% of lost capacity. Business leaders noted a reduction in the customer engagement lifecycle. Hence, they are using technology to make this short engagement even more useful and successful.

    Conversational AI and ML are helping enterprises to analyze human speech patterns to get more result-oriented interactions with their audiences. Automating speeches for customer issue resolution and engagement can considerably reduce the average time a customer spending on the phone – to resolve a query.

    Lately, contact centers across the world are going via their customer support queues at a faster pace, controlling cash-flows and slashing costs amid the economic crisis. Furthermore, voice-based AI is a primary factor that is helping to engage with a less tech-savvy target audience.

    It is no secret that the customer contact centers are the bridge that connects businesses with their customers. Currently, more customers are also looking for a superior experience – in addition to the quality of a service or a product. This digital era allows them to rate interactions with the call center agents – and that is a critical aspect.

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    The global pandemic has done several businesses to reanalyze their essential decisions linked to customer engagement. This is primarily because of the level of human interaction needed in association with voice automation.

    As a result, CXOs globally are actively looking forward to making investments for long-term solutions – which will have an impact in today’s world.