Consumer View about AI-Powered CX has changed in COVID-19

    AI powered CX

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer’s views about AI-powered CX due to a couple of important factors.

    Organizations across various industries are witnessing a significant impact on their operations and strategies, in current times. Similarly, consumers’ way of engaging with brands has also seen a drastic shift. As the majority of businesses are adopting automated solutions, people are ready to expect more AI-powered customer experience (CX) via virtual agents and other areas.

    Here are some of the key factors that are impacting consumers’ view of AI-powered CX

    AI is driving Higher CX demand

    Customer experience has always been a top driver or brand loyalty and it increased even more with the pandemic. There has also been a significant increase in call volumes to pharmacies, airlines, and other avenues.

    AI, Automation, and Messaging Channels are Driving Customer Service Solutions

    Also, social distancing norms coupled with economic uncertainty have put more pressure on companies to satisfy as many customers as possible. Several organizations have turned to  CX to shorten wait times and meet the rising customer demand.

    A range of solutions

    Consumers have been frustrated in dealing with IVR for several years, owing to the robotic non-human communication. A CGS survey in 2019 revealed that 86% of consumers prefer to interact with a human agent, even though there has been a major improvement in conversational AI.

    The pandemic has witnessed a push in advanced CX technology and customers are happier with the efficiency of AI-powered solutions. They now prefer inquiries being handled by AI, as they are faster.

    Leveraging AI-Powered Visual Search for Enriched Customer Experience

    AI-powered CX is a good alternative

    AI will be integrated into CX even further post-COVID-19 aftermath, and for that, organizations need to do everything to maintain consumer trust with AI. It is essential for enterprises to be transparent with their consumers when a virtual agent is involved.

    The way in which consumers perceive AI-powered CX will change even more amid and post the pandemic. Consumers are open to AI adoption more than before as AI enables them to meet higher demand, offer convenience, and build deeper brand trust. Lastly, shifting consumer sentiment has paved the way for a new standard of meaningful customer care.