Coronavirus Impacting the Global Market – Content Marketing Is A Primacy

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    Coronavirus Impacting the Global Market – Content Marketing Is A Primacy

    The Coronavirus has already adversely affected the global economy, because of which there have been widespread cancellations of major marketing events and conferences spanning the APAC, Europe, and the U.S. The world is witnessing the harsh reality of the marketplace indicating that the economy is heading to a recession.

    With the major trade shows, industry events, and marketing seminars canceled across the world, content marketing is expected to play a significant role – in digital marketing and demand generation. However, many marketing companies still lack the required capabilities and business processes to keep up with increasing content marketing imperative. This is one of the critical findings from the latest strategic report from the CMO Council, titled “Making Content Marketing Convert.”

    How to Implement Effective Marketing Automation

    According to Donovan Neale-May, executive director at CMO Council and the author of the report said, “Marketers must act quickly and decisively to increase the impact, scope, reach and return of their content marketing investments in 2020…Our research also shows there is a critical need for marketing organizations to bring more discipline and strategic thinking to content specification, delivery, and analytics.”

    Even in this digital era, many companies ignore customer interests while carrying out content marketing. They still consider it ad hoc, decentralized, and mostly carried out by internal stakeholders – which results in hitting the wrong audience, wasting time, and revenue. It is no secret that enhancing actionability, integrity, and performance can make way for business at this point.

    B2B CMOs Are Aiming at Growth Via New offerings

    In partnership with BPI Network and Netline, The CMO Council report came up with some suggestions that can help drive content marketing in the time of elevating business impact due to COVID-19.

    • Partnering with trusted sources
    • Producing with relevant and compelling strategic insights
    • Adding customer-contributed validation
    • Offering authoritative, newsworthy content
    • Engaging the right audiences
    • Embracing the multi-channel distribution and business promotion
    • Cultivating and converting prospect flow

    It can safely be assumed people have more free time now, precisely who has been locked down or in-home isolation due to the critical situation. If more market leaders start focusing on digital marketing strategies, it may give them a competitive edge over their peers. Simply put, digital marketing is highly recommended, and content marketing is the focal point – to pick up the slack in the shaken up business ecosystem.