Content Marketing Trends Are Witnessing a Change

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Content seems to be the highest outsourced element in marketing strategies and budgets. Almost 84% of marketers choose to outsource content, followed by strategy, technology, and distribution at 13%, 22%, and 31%, respectively

The latest report from the Content Marketing Institute reveals that 21% of marketers in North America believe they are excelling at content marketing while the majority (58%) more modestly think they are moderately successful.

41% of the respondents stated that they document their content marketing strategy. Giving insights about having a team structure, the report revealed that more than half of respondents (52%) prefer a small marketing team comprising of one-person. They prefer a small team irrespective of the size of the organization. One of the significant reasons the internal marketing teams are small is because companies outsource a part of their content marketing activities. 71% of large companies outsource activities, added the report. Meanwhile, 56% of medium companies outsource some activities.

When it comes to outsourcing, content creation takes the lead with 84%. This is followed by strategy, technology, and distribution at 13%, 22%, and 31%, respectively. Furthermore, the report revealed that half of the content is created at ‘top of the funnel.’ Some of the top content created is targeted at social media which is followed by blogs and short-form articles and email newsletters.

Video content formats and webinars are also outsourced by content marketers. Several brands are starting to create podcasts by scripting shows on different topics. According to the report, 80% of marketers measure performance, and 65% have established KPIs in 2019. 43% of marketers regulate ROI considering how challenging it is to do, while 45% of them rate their ability to measure it as very good. Some of the top metrics for measuring content performance are email engagement, website traffic, website engagement, and social media metrics.

According to the report, the content marketing priorities for 2020, are -improving the conversion of audiences which topped the list at 48%. The content display comes in second with 46% while the priority for quality of the content came in third with 46%.