Content Marketing and Demand Generation Synergy Will Catalyze Sales

    Content Marketing
    Content Marketing and Demand Generation Synergy Will Catalyze sales

    Content Marketing drives demand generation, and these two in synergy have the power to drive improved business outcomes.

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    Content marketing is dominating the digital marketplace, and it plays a crucial role in demand generation. Both methods work in distinct ways but share the same vision of attracting new customers and increasing sales. Content marketing trends are continually evolving to transform the business outlook. Clearly, demand generation cannot be achieved overnight but is created through a proven step-by-step process. But it certainly has the power to capture audience perceptions and preferences. For the success of this endeavor, it is critical that marketing and sales processes are synergized. In fact, five years ago, HubSpot shared insight into this collaboration, saying that enterprises with aligned marketing and sales teams achieve nearly 208% increased revenue, compared to organizations with misaligned participation.

    Demand marketers have been leveraging the interest created by content marketing products to grab the attention of the right leads. It actually supports nurturing prospects, closing deals, and upselling the existing customers. Demand generation is itself a full-funnel strategy of various tactics, and content marketing is a subset. B2B marketers are actively participating in creating and sharing engaging content, keeping in mind the changing market needs.

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    Demand generation experts have a significant contribution to customer interactions and providing leads to the sales team. The creators of demand often stand out as the information provider. By analyzing customer mind-set, they are capable of assisting the content marketers for understanding the marketplace and customer needs better. B2B marketers are expected to create increasingly diverse content for customers across multiple channels. David Crane, a B2B marketer and Product Marketing Manager at Bombora is stated to have said in a blog post of Customer Think, “There’s no escaping the fact that creating quality content is time-consuming…that’s why you want to get the most mileage possible out of every piece of content you create.” Hence, if marketers focus more on providing explicit content, they can achieve the best possible ROI.

    Simply put, the content marketers are the ‘storytellers’ of businesses. High-quality content is a need for the marketing process and a vital part of demand generation. The demand generation teams are capable of providing real-time insights and feedbacks to content materials. With proper guidance and following a standard plan,  demand generation, and content marketing teams pulling together can push a business to reach new heights.

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    Content marketing is here to stay, being an essential subset of demand generation to drive brand awareness and boost sales. The better an enterprise is at strategically leveraging content, the higher the success rate for the revenue team.

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