More and more marketers are considering digital credentials as a crucial element of their marketing strategies, to remain competitive in the demanding marketplace

Marketing is not only one aspect of business functionalities – it is the business. It can have a positive, substantial impact on brand awareness as well as revenue when executed rightly. As a result, most brands spend adequate time, finance, and marketing strategies to reach their audience.

Today, there is an abundance of marketing channels – digital, social, TV commercials, billboard ads, and emails. It is extremely difficult to set a brand apart from all such noises. But, there are specific ways to break through the market. In order to build brand awareness, businesses need to incorporate digital credentials in their marketing essentials.

In this digital era, digital credentials have appeared as a crucial marketing tool spanning different sectors. This includes corporate training, higher education, and career development and certifications. When an organization utilizes digital credentials, it can build its marketing strength with the multiple available options.

Hence, to enhance branding, most CMOs are incorporating digital badges to stand out from their peers in different ways –

Social media

According to We Are Social, social media platforms now have nearly 3.8 billion users, and thus, the value of social media as a marketing powerhouse is not questionable. With digital credentials as a subset of social media marketing, businesses can drive brand awareness, strengthening online reputation, and consumer engagement – especially in this pandemic era!

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Bigger brands often engage with users who share their digital credentials online by liking or commenting on posts. This helps in creating fresh new engagement opportunities too. Even employees from companies that serve as “brand ambassadors” can boost connections with the existing audiences, as well as meet new audiences.

Bulk email

In spite of the noise of billions of emails sent daily, this old school marketing strategy is still an excellent way for brands to engage with customers – building meaningful connections. Sales and marketing teams adding digital credentials in their email signatures increases the authority of communications.

Besides, this augments brand awareness – the moment an email is opened. Display of credentials alongside the company logo increases interest, trust, and engagement among customers and employees. Identifications are a significant way to create credibility, enhancing brand reputation in the professional setting. 

Company portal

A marketer’s fundamental emphasis surrounds on ensuring efforts to drive legitimate traffic towards the company website. Alongside driving impressions, digital credentials also drive traffic – they are meant to be appreciated and shared. Experts noted that creating a landing page for each digital credentials can influence earners to see the badge and understand the expertise it represents.

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Business events

Marketing events, expos, etc. are essential efforts for businesses to gain popularity and build relationships with prospects and customers. With events going virtual, more brands are opting for events to develop partnerships and awareness with offerings and credentials. It also includes adding up digital badges into graphics and sponsorship materials.

Clearly, the more presence brands have digitally, the more preference they would have among the consumers. Having great business offerings is only half of the battle – reinforcing engagement is a crucial aspect of brand success!