CMO’s Playbook to Scale their B2B Marketing Outcomes

    B2B Marketing

    A few enterprises, while exploring opportunities to improve their B2B marketing outcomes, primarily focus on direct and outbound presales techniques.

     The market and consumer demands have evolved with time, and B2B marketers have to make changes to their campaigns to make the most of their presales investment. There is tremendous competition in all industries, and businesses need to design impactful marketing strategies to thrive in a competitive environment. B2B enterprises today should have valuable customer insights to make strategic changes to the marketing campaign to interact with the total addressable market before the competitor catches up with them. Developing a robust MarTech stack with all the advanced marketing tools will help to optimize the B2B marketing outcomes. Here is a playbook that CMOs can consider to improve their presales results:

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    Design and execute an aligned marketing strategy

    CMOs should consider evaluating the business goals and develop a strategic presales action plan that scales. Enterprises need to determine the new total addressable markets to spot new potential clients. B2B marketing teams should set loyalty programs and offers based on the new target addressable market purchase patterns. Many B2B presales teams are shifting their marketing focus to penetrate new markets to convert new customers and improve workforce productivity to scale their B2B marketing outcomes.

    Develop a comprehensive branding strategy that resonates with brand goals

    It is crucial to design an effective marketing campaign that aligns with the brand goals, vision, and corporate social responsibility. CMOs should consider evaluating their branding and communication strategies to make changes that help them to scale their marketing outcomes. B2B businesses need to ensure developing a comprehensive branding approach that creates awareness and builds positive perceptions in the target audience.

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    Address evolving consumer demands in the marketing campaigns

    B2B purchase journeys have evolved tremendously, and clients expect a top-notch customer experience apart from advanced products and services. CMOs should consider developing audience-centric content marketing strategies that address the entire customer journey. Businesses should align the presales, sales, and after-sales teams to get valuable customer insights to improve the entire purchase experience.

    Addressing the changing customer demands and aligning the customer success teams accordingly will help organizations to scale their B2B marketing outcomes.

    Optimize the MarTech stack

    Modern marketing tech stack should have advanced automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and lead nurturing tools to improve the efficiency of the presales operations. CMOs should consider integrating automation at all the repetitive and manual touch points to enhance the purchasing experience. Organizations need to design, execute and process presales campaigns through a centralized system to scale the marketing outcomes. It is crucial to integrate the right automation tools into the MarTech stack to improve their presales efficiency. Many enterprises are reaping the benefits from a seamlessly integrated marketing tech stack. Implementing advanced CRM tools aligns the presales, sales, and aftersales teams to enhance the customer journey. Nurturing leads is one of the most significant ways to scale the B2B marketing outcomes. CMOs that implement targeted and analytics-driven email marketing campaigns to nurture the leads enable their enterprise to customize the offers for specific buyers in the different stages of their buying journey. Setting drip email strategies that allow B2B marketers to customize the offers for every customer segment will help to improve customer engagement and scale their marketing outcomes.

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