Marketing leaders acknowledge that social media marketing has become one of the critical strategies as the client base that uses social media increases exponentially

The use of social media platforms for marketing purposes has proved to be useful for enterprises across the world. CMOs say that when enterprises assume their target audience is part of the total user count, they have a better chance of attracting and engaging them via any platform that they are using. However, leaders need to be wary about avoiding common social media pitfalls in the journey.

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To harvest the advantages of the opportunities available to the brands on social media, leaders suggest starting with an accurate and honest audit of the current marketing strategy. By successfully avoiding the pitfalls, enterprises will easily reach out to their audience, build relationships with potential clients, and reach the marketing goals.

Excessive focus on follower count

CMOs acknowledge that followers are vital in terms of creating brand awareness, reaching new clients, and gaining leads. However, it doesn’t make sense that followers are simply collected for the sake of numbers.

The most important step involves the process followed after gaining followers. Regular and meaningful interaction with followers is important, or the website will not receive much traction. The small amount of organic reach that brands gain when new followers join, initially won’t last long without proper nurturing.

The followers won’t see the content if the brand doesn’t take time to build a strong relationship with the customer base. In exchange for the ‘follow’ and ‘like’ the customer base expects the brand to make their time spent on the website to be worthwhile. Maintenance of follower count is more crucial than increasing it.

Boring, salesy, irrelevant content on the website

CMOs say that the content is posted for the followers will either bring them back continuously, or the brand will be lost in the social media chasm. If the content is boring or overly promotional, or unrelatable to the audience, then they will most likely skip it or even unfollow the brand. The higher the volume of followers scrolling past the content, the higher are the chances that the content won’t make its newsfeed.

Marketing leaders point out that it is important to create educative, entertaining, inspiring, and informative content. Only a minority value of the content should be related to special offers, events, and sales, while the majority needs to be non-promotional.

Losing out on content boosting

Marketing leaders point out that the idea that social media platforms are free marketing tools is obsolete now. Brands have to pay if they want their followers to see the brand on a social media platform.

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CMOs agree that even the best content may reach a medium level of organic reach; however, it won’t have the same kind of traction as a boosted content. Advertising of the brand is necessary to keep the enterprise visible to the client base. Marketing leaders suggest setting up an ad budget that helps boost the high-quality content needed to improve the traction. This will ensure that the content appears in newsfeeds and reaches the targeted audience.