Four Ways CMOs Can Impact the Strategic Direction of the Organization

    Four Ways CMOs Can Impact the Strategic Direction of the Organization

    CMOs are shifting focus to innovation and performance to increase the impact of their company.

    CMO roles are evolving and it is essential to assess where they are focusing their efforts. Most of the successful CMOs are innovators and have a deep understanding of the market and their customers, which empowers them to build new products and experiences. The scope of the CMO has significantly changed and even expanded, as the expectations from the business and other C-suite executives from their marketing leader touch sky high!

    Here are a few ways in which CMOs can use their knowledge and influence to create an impact on the strategic direction of the organization.

    1] Bank on the customer knowledge

    CMOs can use their vast knowledge about customers and bank on the available insights to help the C-suite in case of decisions related to customers. Their perspective and expertise can drive initiatives in the organization and offer long-term customer value and favorable business results. Furthermore, they can provide improved customer experience via innovative design, partnerships, and experimentation.

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    2] Focus on company mission and vision

    CMOs can help in setting up a company’s strategic direction by creating a purpose-driven enterprise where the brand is connected to its customers, employees, as well as communities.
    It is important for chief marketers to help ensure the organization believes and follows the same mission and values it showcases to the consumers.

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    3] Pay attention to the scope of work

    Instead of focusing more on their title, CMOs should look after offering the best experience for the customer and delivering results in a way that resonates with their team to clearly demonstrate marketing’s impact. It would be beneficial if CMOs will focus on the impact and the result of their role.

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    4] Collaboration with sales officers

    In order to showcase impact in terms of finance, CMOs can involve themselves with lower-funnel activities and results. They can team up with chief sales officers to define customer-orientated processes that lead to better lower-funnel results. There are several marketers that feel this is one of their most difficult challenges, however, those who focus their efforts on the final purchase make the most impact on the company.

    Most successful CMOs are organizing their marketing functions in the innovation road map,
    accountability, and performance measures.

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