CMOs Are Focusing More On Influencer Marketing In This Digital Era

CMOs Are Focusing More On Influencer Marketing In This Digital Era

Brands have always used social media influencers to drive revenue, and 2021 observes influencer marketing to grow as an effective, prominent strategy for branding.

Marketing leaders believe the authenticity, relatability, and cost-effectiveness that micro-influencers re-establish into the market – make them demanding. With the beginning of the pandemic, the business ecosystem viewed that e-commerce had boomed like never before.

Accordingly, marketers are getting it right to drive business revenue above their competitors, especially in this unprecedented time. Certainly, having an online store, social media strategy, and paid advertising is a convenient approach to catch the attention of the tech-savvy audience.

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At present, consumers are working from home and they are in front of their screens most of the time. Even though brands are re-analyzing their content marketing programs to strive, influencer marketing is still a major subset in their business model.

According to Linqia, a vast majority of marketers (48%) carry out between one and five influencer marketing campaigns at the same time. Given that, many marketers (71%) noted increasing the budget for influencer marketing in 2021.

With the increased usage of social media, influencer marketing is actually more relevant for brands to create long-term partnerships. Today, people seek a sense of ‘community, and this way, marketers can facilitate greater connectivity. It could even enhance the audience’s lifestyles while communicating commercially.

Even before the pandemic, businesses have used influencers as well as macro-influencer to drive revenue, however, big celebrities come with a huge price tag. Thus, this is the focus is more on micro-influencers. This involves regular social media influencers who have a following of 3000 or more across different social platforms.

Certainly, this is successfully the new-age marketing trend, and importantly, people are not allowed to socialize in large groups. Marketing leaders should welcome higher multitude of influencer campaigns within the marketing mix to run influencer strategy accurately.

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Undoubtedly, it is crucial to building long-term business relationships with influencers that brands connect with. This perspective will ultimately help them become an admirer of the brand. Simply put, if the influencers grow, simultaneously brands can grow with them.

As a result, it is very important to choose micro-influencers who have a niche and aligns with brands. It is suggested to exclude strict guidelines while gifting products for micro-influencers to post. When businesses put fewer instructions, they come up with better and innovative content – which generates more engaging content since it is authentic to their tone of voice and resonates with their followers.

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