Cloud-native CMS is Making Content Management Easier

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Cloud-native CMS is Making Content Management Easier

Organizations can get the necessary edge over their competitors and deliver improved customer experience by using cloud-native content management software (CMS)

Today, customers are demanding an enhanced experience along their e-commerce journeys as several enterprises are struggling to deliver enhanced content experiences efficiently. As per a whitepaper from Adobe, 64% of companies report having a CMS in place, while only 31% can publish content to multiple channels without creating it separately. More and more organizations are making a shift to AI-powered cloud-native CMS to enable IT personnel and marketers to deliver evolving customer expectations.

Artificial Intelligence to Smartly Boost Sales

AI is integral to the cloud-native CMS pitch as it is essential in delivering the most relevant experiences to an audience. Today, marketers are using Machine Learning (ML) to capture data and translate it to understand how audiences interact with the content present on a website. They use that data to automatically deliver personalized experiences to future visitors based on what it believes that a person wants to see. With a cloud-native CMS, marketers can offer automatic tagging to ensure employees can focus on the creative elements of their job. It not only makes the content delivery process faster but also easier.

The cloud-native CMS is able to deliver enhanced customer experience to each content channel in real-time. Optimization can be achieved to test the waters and learn what is working and what is not.

Deloitte Study – “Experience Selling” Is the Future of B2B sales

Conducting systematic testing takes up a company’s valuable resources and time. It is essential to invest in A/B testing and not consider it as a luxury. A cloud-native CMS can help developers create different testing variations of navigations, interactions, and so on, by running A/B tests automatically. It allows for more efficient testing and lets developers focus on other projects that add more value to the organization. In the end, the content is optimized to serve each user, enhancing the customer experience.