Businesses Plan to Boost Their Investment in Instagram Marketing in 2021

    Businesses Plan to Boost Their Investment in Instagram Marketing in 2021

    In the current market dynamics, marketers aim to find innovative ways of fitting into the conversation with consumers instead of leading it – and social media platforms are the new support.

    As more brands take a closer look at their social media marketing strategies, new research suggests that a vast majority of them are planning to increase their investment in social media marketing. This is primarily valid for one platform, in particular, Instagram to achieve their marketing goals.

    Hootsuite has recently published the “Social Trends 2021” report that showed the most marketers (almost 61%) intend to increase their investment in Instagram marketing for the remainder of the year. It is followed by Facebook (46%), YouTube (45%), and LinkedIn (44%).

    However, only 26% of the surveyed marketers said that they are going to increase the investment in Twitter. Surprisingly, Instagram is not at the top of the list for the most effective social media channels to reach business objectives.

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    As cited in the report, “As businesses struggle to recoup lost sales in the wake of the pandemic, marketers turn to social to meet two equally urgent imperatives: deliver short-term ROI with targeted performance marketing tactics while building innovative digital experiences.”

    In this context, Facebook was ranked at the top, with nearly 78% of business decision-makers calling it the most effective platform. This was followed by other available platforms like Instagram (70%), LinkedIn (42%), as well as Twitter (33%).

    Basically, marketers across industries have struggled in the past in order to generate engagement on different social media platforms. And In this fast-paced digital era, Instagram has been gaining popularity and remained steady from a marketing perspective.

    Furthermore, Social Insider released its “2021 Social Media Industry Benchmarks” report that reveals Instagram had an average engagement rate of about 1.16%. Even though this may not seem like a lot, it exhibited far more accomplishment than other platforms.

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    As per the statistics, Twitter had an engagement rate of only 0.07%, while the same for Facebook is about 0.27%. Overall, Instagram has been proved to be the social media outlet of this era that gave marketers a chance to resonate with the modern target audience.

    In fact, most brands have long been miscalculating the content type people want from them over social channels. With increased digitization in 2021, prominent brands will realize where they fit in the lives of customers on social media – finding creative ways of fitting in.

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