As the COVID-19 crisis reshapes the B2B marketing landscape, it is time for organizations to let go of the traditional perception they hold in terms of limiting creativity. They should take initiatives to make their B2B marketing an exciting venture for their marketers.

Brands and Enterprises have been trying to effectively deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Their B2B marketers have been struggling to keep their existing customers, and under the circumstances, it’s an  alone attract the new ones. Even though the implications are harsh, there’s still room for organizations to attract customers. With a B2B marketing strategy that is driven by emotions as much as spreadsheets, can help the enterprises to up their game.

Humans are not robots; emotions at some level still play a crucial role in driving the purchasing decisions. A case that clearly depicts the important role of emotive B2B marketing campaigns is the Volvo Trucks ‘Epic Split’ TVC featuring Jean-Claude van Damme.

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Compared with the buying process for purchasing a truck’s fleet, which is organized and comparative where the features seem to take the first place, the marketing campaign was out of the blue. Volvo Trucks competitor offers trucks that offer a similar cost/km operating cost; all of them offer almost exact features emphasizing on safety and reliability. If compared with another brand, using spreadsheets, one brand’s particular column will outweigh another with different metrics, which makes it difficult to differentiate.

This campaign resulted in Volvo being recognized as a global leader in the trucking industry, mostly because people got something exciting to discuss about. The company’s immense growth in the B2B space demonstrates the impact of ads on the B2B space. The campaign also helped the company to garner significant international attention because at its core, the campaign was interesting and innovative.

Letting go of the traditional notions of B2B marketing space, which most marketers find disinteresting and boring, Volvo Trucks marketing campaign’ was beautifully designed, creative and cheesy, especially when it comes to taking into consideration the selling point of trucks.

The case of Volvo trucks illustrates not only creativity can be interesting and helpful for a B2B enterprise, but also become a deciding factor for the B2B enterprise’s success. It demonstrates that creating B2B copies can be creative and can help an enterprise to elevate itself in the market.

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Instead of developing campaigns that are easily justifiable and ‘safe’ options that are backed by numbers, enterprises must encourage their B2B marketing team to tap into their potential.

Taking risks in today’s constantly changing marketplace is imperative. Relying on stats would no doubt can help. As the competition has grown fierce, it is essential that marketers come up with creative campaigns that catch the attention of their intended audience and help them to uplift themselves as a market leader.