Many businesses are considering SMS marketing campaigns and believe that this unprecedented time is the best instant to deploy it.

COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digital commerce. Accordingly to the analyzed market scenario for the last three months, experts noted that most consumers have been moving their purchasing behavior from omnichannel to e-commerce. This is a prime time to engage with prospective customers with their current shifts in behavior.

About 56% of consumers use their mobile phones more frequently with the pandemic’s emerge – claims Zipwhip. In its essence, the retail marketers must pivot their existing marketing strategies to meet the evolving customer demand and in their new mode of choice – SMS marketing.

Re-engage Customers for More Sales

The ongoing business environment has led many businesses to lose revenue and market shares. Proven methodology like SMS marketing can offset the losses and re-engage brands with loyal customers. Basically, it fits in well more profound into the sales funnel. It encourages the last steps to conversion through messaging – including abandoned cart reminders, low stock alerts, and price drop notifications.

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Complements E-mail Marketing

Undoubtedly, SMS serves as a balancing marketing channel with email marketing. Email flourishes for new product discovery – in its essence, the Gmail promotions feature has, in fact, become the new mall. This old-school marketing technique is now opening new channels for retailers looking to strengthen their e-commerce revenue.

Vast Opportunities for Segmentation

When executing SMS campaigns across segments, brands can target prospects based on product interest, purchase volume, gender, and more. Marketing leaders can make the most of there to augment their sales process and ultimately maximizing revenue. Many brands that employ SMS tactics tend to consider it as a “batch-and-blast” marketing opportunity.

Supply Chain Messaging

As the retail marketplace continues to evolve, a simple and effective way to increase the conversion rates is to make it evident that the supply and shipping operations are in place. If businesses have the inventory, this would be a great time to emphasize availability and direct shipping capabilities. And SMS will be an add on to make customers notified and aware by calling out the facts. For instance, Amazon is one of the most trusted brands, and it has been building brand loyalty all the while.

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Clearly, an SMS can reach the target audience, right in their pockets – anywhere, anytime. When done rightly, text message marketing holds significant value in the customer journey.  It is easier for brands to share a quick text message for subscribing than open and send via email. Audiences can also act faster on an SMS instead of navigating through social media channels.