Brand Awareness – Most Marketers Use Email Signature to Boost Branding

    Brand Awareness – Most Marketers Use Email Signature to Boost

    Email marketers generally use signature while reaching out to their target
    customers for improving brand awareness – claims Newoldstamp.

    Email marketing has evolved, and it is not limited to a chain of newsletters anymore. When
    email marketers look forward to resonating more with their target audience and prospects,
    they enhance brand awareness. The latest research from Newoldstamp revealed that a vast
    majority of email marketers, about 82% use their company signatures to ensure brand

    The report titled “The State of Business Email Marketing” came up with interesting insights
    on how email marketers are making a positive impact on their brands. More than 750
    business owners and marketers were surveyed across different countries – to analyze the
    situation with an email signature and its importance in corporate correspondence. While
    communication with a broader audience, nearly 48% of marketers noted they use email
    signatures to drive traffic to the company website. Around 34% reported they use it to
    augment lead generation.

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    As per the report, about 19% of email marketers have reported that they will “definitely”
    start using email signatures as an added marketing channel this year. However, there are
    several challenges linked with the launching of an email signature marketing campaign.
    Many marketers (29%) have cited traffic and lead generation as their major hindrance.
    About 28% of the surveyed respondents revealed that they have concerns tracking
    performance, and another 16% said they find it complicated to set up key performance
    indicators during their campaigns.

    The primary objectives for creating professionals sign-offs are signature standardization,
    personalization, identification of the sender, and marketing purposes. Adding up
    promotional elements into the email signatures can benefit a business highly. The
    departments that get the most advantage out of it are – sales (39%), marketing (38%), and customer support (12%).

    Some principal findings from the report are –
    1] Nearly 66% of marketers use email as the primary channel of communication with
    their prospects and target audience.
    2] About 46% of respondents noted they rely on email while interacting with the
    management and their colleagues.
    3] About 62% of businesses make use of email signatures for marketing.
    4] Nearly 35% of the respondents have “never” updated their email signature.

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    As noted in the report, “Modern online signature generators provide seamless tools for
    centralized management and flawless update of email sign-offs across the whole
    organization and, therefore, can be a solution. However, in spite of the lack of knowledge
    and the challenges businesses face with central management and measuring the
    effectiveness of their corporate emails, entrepreneurs are ready to learn and incorporate
    email signatures into their marketing strategies.”