A recent study from Forrester reveals most of the B2B websites miss the mark while connecting to buyers in a meaningful way

Many B2B websites fail to make the grade when it comes to conveying engaging content on the sites to build buyer empathy. Forrester found that B2B customer journeys are allowing the websites to engage buyers, but very few rise to the challenge of real engagement.

Experts believe that corporate website content initiates as well as advances the business opportunities. It is a platform to demonstrate a deep understanding of customer issues. Unfortunately, most B2B marketers are struggling to generate empathetic content that compels visitors to read further and take action. Jargon-filled descriptions and self-serving subject matter that focuses on content mostly about the offerings and the company drowns potential buyers.

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The Forrester report titled, ‘B2B Websites Still Fail Our Customer Engagement Test,’ evaluated 60 B2B websites across 12 industries, to determine how well the content on each website can understand customers’ interests, creates dialogue, invite interaction, and reflect a customer-centered perspective. Forrester graded each site on 15 criteria using a scale of 0-3 points for each standard. A passing grade was set at 25 points out of a possible 45. Surprisingly, only four sites received the passing score, down from six in 2017.

The evaluated industries ranged from security software, marketing automation, HR, and medical products. None of the industries passed Forrester’s test. Among the highest performers were the manufacturers’ websites with an average score of 19.6. The report mentions that the sites failed because the content was focused only on companies’ capabilities and not customers’ needs.

Experts believe that a website’s content, voice, and tone demonstrate how well a supplier understands the customers and their issues and shares concern for the problems to be resolved. Sighting the example of Deere & Co. Inc. in the report, Forrester mentions that the company was among the top performers and uses videos to achieve the goals. The manufacturer has a series of videos on its website, displaying the way technology is changing agricultural operations. The videos show the issues they faced and how they were solved using John Deere’s innovative technology.

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Creative marketers also shy away from B2B, thinking of it as less creative as compared to B2C. It is necessary to understand that creativity and storytelling are no longer luxuries but effective opportunity for B2B marketers.

The report also mentions that B2B websites surpass sales enablement, digital advertising, SEO, partner enablement, and events required for early-stage demand-gen effectiveness. This makes websites likely to be the first place for prospects to get a first impression of the company and its offerings.

Experts believe that B2B website content must be designed in a way that answers prospects’ questions before trying to sell them the products and offerings. The content must be attractive and intend to show the company’s in-depth understanding of the prospects concerns and issues.

On the website, enterprises must position themselves as industry Thought Leaders and not just brand leaders. The best B2B marketers are seen positioning their company’s website as a resource for the customers’ businesses and not just their product line.

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