Amidst the ongoing crisis worldwide, B2B marketers must execute the right
tone for messaging as more people demand humility and authenticity.

B2B brands are prioritizing their messaging strategy and agility to provide enhanced
customer experience amid the current situation. It is tricky to evaluate customer sentiment
based on ongoing market behavior. Messaging tone has always been an essential
component for B2B marketing and its copywriting – now, COVID-19 has raised the bar. As
per experts, keys to the right messaging would require more genuineness, authenticity,
modesty, and human touch.

With the widespread lockdowns, many B2B market leaders are concerned about one major
challenge: How to communicate the customers to drive their interest in buying?

Customers today seek transparency and honesty like never before. Hence, it is smart to realize that marketing communication now has to make sense to target customers, shifting the focus from merely profit margin. B2B organizations need to have their purpose right with more empathy and honesty – in order to be engaged with a broader audience. For most, there cannot be any “business as usual” normalcy at the moment.

Marketers are rating the digital channels twice as significant in the wake of the pandemic.
Customers’ inclination towards digital interactions and internet usage has surged notably,
and they are becoming comfortable with it. With more social media content consumption,
mobile apps usage –businesses and the marketplace are witnessing an imminent shift. Thus, to deliver the required digital experience, brands need to scrutinize and keep up an updated multi-channel digital ecosystem.

Furthermore, businesses need to bid goodbye to their typical corporate marketing
messaging. The old-school corporate style that has been dominating the B2B sector for ages is no longer relevant. With its de-humanized factor and a focus on the organizational size and logical decision making, it will not work anymore. Cleary, COVID-19 is playing a positive role in modifying the process to connect with customers well – with a human touch.

For businesses, it may not be the best time to carry out typical email marketing campaigns.
Now is the time to connect with the audience on a deeper level with crisis communication.
Many brands have been utilizing the idea and sending out updates or information about
COVID-19 wellness and safety tips. Alongside that, it is smart to let people know about the
remote services (if applicable), discounted offers, online resources, etc.

Clearly, people will stick around if they are treated with care and empathy in the time of
need. The more an organization can keep customers engaged with the ‘human touch’ ; they can build an unrivaled strategy to retain customers for long.