B2B Marketers Can Adopt a Few B2C Models in Their Strategies

B2B Marketers Can Adopt a Few B2C Models in Their Strategies

Prioritizing customer experience and creating an easier buying process are some of the B2C models B2B marketers can adopt.

Customer buying preference has witnessed a natural shift for B2B marketplaces amid the
pandemic. It is a good time for B2B marketers to consider and incorporate a few B2C best
practices in their digital strategy. This could help them get a fresh perspective on how to stay relevant to their customers.

Focus on omnichannel customer experience

Businesses are already making their enterprise software available for purchase online owing to time and resource efficiency. It is important for B2B companies to offer quick and easy online access to the products and solutions without making them browse through several pages to find information, trials, and purchase options. Now is the time for B2B sellers to avoid restricting the competition limited only to products and price points. Offering seamless and engaging customer experience via their online platform needs is important for garnering customers.

Omnichannel Optimization For Better Customer Experience

Easier buying process

The B2B e-commerce in the US is expected to hit reach $1.8 trillion by 2023, according to the 2019 B2B eCommerce Playbook by Forrester. This suggests that B2B organizations have a significant opportunity to increase their revenue via digital buying channels. Today, consumers are looking for the fastest way to buy a product or a service and hence B2B digital marketplaces need to remove barriers and offer seamless page navigation and correct placement of the call to action button. It is important to focus on these factors to keep a customer from completing a purchase. To offer a better B2B buying experience for customers it is crucial to incorporate on-page buttons, multiple payment options, one-click, and transparent terms and conditions.

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Transparency and trust

Similar to B2C sellers, B2B marketers should offer price transparency and product trials. This will help them in getting a more connected customer experience and add long-term value to the relationship by allowing them to explore different price options before making a purchase decision. It is important to let customers know what they are purchasing and how much it will cost before starting the purchase process.

Digital buying helps organizations reach certain goals that are specific for their digital
transformation strategies.