B2B Leaders’ Biggest Nightmare- Dissatisfied Customer

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    B2B Leaders’ Biggest Nightmare- Dissatisfied Customer

    The B2B leaders admit that what impacts them the most is bad customer relationships, which is even more worrisome when all they can provide is a digital experience during the COVID-19 crisis

    Episerver recently launched its second-annual B2B digital experience survey. The survey spoke about how businesses are struggling to survive the market instability during the global pandemic. This is an unusual situation that requires extraordinary efforts to connect with customers.

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    In the survey, more than half- 54% of leaders in marketing, IT, and e-commerce roles admitted that their company’s customer relationships are currently strained, developing, or non-existent. Clearly,  B2B organizations must promptly adapt to the current market requirements if they are to survive.

    Delivering personalized and relevant digital experiences has emerged as a top priority during this crisis situation, with direct selling evolving as the most significant opportunity for the B2B leaders to navigate through this new reality.

    The study was conducted in March 2020, surveying about 600 global decision-makers across industries – e-commerce, IT, and marketing roles at B2B organizations. In the survey, about 41% of respondents strongly believe that selling directly to customers online is the safest and the best opportunity that businesses have in the next year.

    Following this, about 37% are focusing on expanding into new geographies, and 36% feel that the most immediate need is to provide their salesforce with the latest MarTech and digital selling tools.

    Despite the market instability and economic downturn, 85% of B2B organizations are still positive that their digital experience budget will increase in the coming year. 71% of B2B leaders also agreed that they have the scope to improve their digital experiences to meet the expectations and needs of its customers.

    Companies need to focus on data analytics and personalized conversations with the customer, leveraging the available digital tools. Hence, the digital transformation investments will be accelerated in the coming year to address the industry needs rising due to the COVID-19 situation.

    It is time for enterprises to re-think their go-to-market strategies and focus on direct-to-consumer sales. It is business-critical right now to get in touch with customers directly in a hyper-relevant way; this is especially more challenge as social distancing has made it impossible to execute in-person tactics.

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    Some more exciting insights from the survey are:

    • 61% of B2B leaders are certain that in the next five years, AI will replace the need for human workers.
    • 82% of B2B leaders say that AI will improve their skills and make them better at their job in a couple of years.

    The situation is extremely complicated as – firms know how crucial technology adoption is to help combat the current market challenges.  Also, they also need to handle the escalating anxiety and insecurity among the employees due to probable job loss.

    The going right now is definitely is not easy for B2B marketing leadership.