As technological innovation accelerates marketing, it extends exceptional opportunities for B2B businesses to set new standards.

Top Content Marketing Trends for B2B Enterprises This Year

B2B market leaders are continually keeping up with the latest trends to enhance their user base. With the substantial digital transformation of the marketplace, there has been a notable shift in B2B marketing strategies. The market is witnessing a tremendous increase in technology use, and users are inclined towards the web search and exciting content. Hence, B2B marketers are convinced that interactive and engaging content will lead the way ahead.

Over time B2B marketers have realized video marketing when done rightly, remain a successful way to engage the visual-first global audiences. Video marketing is incredibly extensible and flexible, and enterprises can find it is very easy to disseminate faster. Videos can be published spanning a wide variety of digital touch-points on the company website, interactive digital signage, and email campaigns. In its support, a recent study by SocialMediaWeek- “2020 Video Marketing and Statistics” finds that video content will increase up to 82% among all other internet traffic in 2020.

Due to the accelerating speed of mobile communication and 5G, video content is a top factor for interest. The digital experience is not confined to just B2C marketing anymore.  B2B buyers too, thoroughly research before opting for any services and products.  According to Millennial B2B Report Merit, nearly 73% of the B2B buyers now are millennials. It is no secret that they use digital channels in the first step for buying anything as grew with the internet, social media, and smartphones. The report also showed that around 30% of millennial B2B customers prefer to watch video content over text.

In this context, another report by Wyzowl, “Video Marketing Statistics 2016”, revealed that almost 70% of the buyers share brand’s videos that they like. With the constant connection with mobile, it helps them to make more effective and faster decisions on these brands.

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Clearly, video is one of the best ways to reach high-quality leads for B2B companies. Thanks to automation and technological advancements, B2B marketers can now deliver the right content, to the right audience, at the right time.