B2B Email Marketing: 5 Tips to Cut Through The Inbox Clutter

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    To reach important contacts through email, marketers have to secure their attention long enough so that it is not transferred to the trash folder

    Here are a few expert suggestions for emails to receive attention:

    • Personalize the messages

    Marketers must shortlist professionals who need to be hyper-targeted and send personalized messages to the recipient. It is also important to not ask for anything upfront and focus on providing value and sharing. This exercise should be done to build trust and credibility. Experts suggest that personalized emails should not be templatized and have to be made genuinely personal. Generic personalized emails get into the mass junk mail, and the recipient will know it hasn’t been written just for them.

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    • Keep the email light

    Experts suggest that the best emails are the ones that have the plain text and are addressed to the target by their first name. These emails perform much better than a graphics-heavy email which has multiple clickable links. In addition to getting noticed, the plain text emails also have a better chance of making it to their inbox. Sales-heavy words can get blocked or land in the ‘Promotions.’

    • Get Right To The Point

    Professionals have over 400 emails flooding in their inbox each day, and they quickly delete about anything that looks spam to them. The best attention that emails get are the ones that get right to the point in the subject line itself. Experts suggest subject lines to be written in a way that appeals to the few recipients who need the products and services. After opening the email, the recipient decides in 2-3 seconds if the brand is something that they would want to partner with. Be brief and clear about the value proposition and direct towards the call to action.

    • Offer ‘Positive Disruption’

    In emails, it is essential that marketers understand the interest of recipients and show that they are ahead of time. Being ahead of trends, industry news, and the first ones to offer keen insights, opinions, and solutions grab attention and increase conversions. Positive disruption will not just spur thinking of the recipient but also give the impression of understanding the future. Experts warn to avoid heavy jargons as no one needs more information, but knowledge. To achieve that, ensure that the news shared is worth reading

    • Using Personalized Audios or Videos

    Using a personalized video with an embedded animation in the email, marketers can break through the noise of the inbox and grab the attention of the prospects. Tools like BombBomb help to create hyper-personalized and relevant content. This then emailed with a personalized message and an embedded GIF preview of the video has higher chances of grabbing attention.

    The window of engagement that marketers get on email is literally no more than three seconds.  It is crucial to articulate the message well and explain how it will add value to their lives. While a company can have a series of solutions and services to share, but it is important to push and focus on one core solution with one call to action.