B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2024

    B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2023
    • B2B marketers will gain momentum through compelling and strategic content shifts in 2024.
    • Content marketers will adapt flexibility to increase customer engagement.
    • The B2B content marketing will keep evolving and constantly dominate the companies’ marketing strategies.

    Content marketing is rapidly evolving in 2024. Factors such as technology advancements, changing consumer behavior, and greater emphasis on authentic engagement, shape the process of content marketing.

    These changes are vital for B2B marketers, especially those striving to remain competitive in a technology-driven world.

    One of the biggest content marketing trends 2024 is the wide use of generative AI.

    According to the research report, B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Outlook for 2024, by Content Marketing Institute, 3 out of 4 B2B marketers use generative tools.

    Apart from ensuring that brands stay relevant, incorporating the latest content marketing trends can:

    • Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts
    • Help connect with your audience in a more meaningful way
    • Driving measurable business impact from marketing efforts

    Here are a few B2B content marketing trends in 2024 that bring maximum ROI to marketing efforts.

    B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2024

    • AI-Assisted Content

    AI will transform the world of content marketing in 2024. B2B marketers will use AI-powered software in 2024 to outline content, brainstorm ideas, and collect valuable data-driven insights.

    Moreover, marketers can use updated versions of AI and marketing automation tools to automate repetitive tasks, optimize content marketing campaigns, and analyze customer behavior. Marketers will use AI to completely transform the world of content marketing in 2024.

    • Video Content

    Text-based content has saturated the B2B marketplace. For the past few years, B2B companies have treated video content as a strategy to stay ahead of the curve. Video marketing is still a trend in 2024, as it can increase engagement more than any other form of content. It will continue to be a highly-performing form of content for the coming years as well.

    According to the report, Video Marketing Statistics 2023, by Wyzowl, people watch 17 hours of video content every week, and videos have convinced 89% of customers to purchase. According to the report, The Changing Face of B2B Marketing by Think with Google; 79% of B2B buyers watch product-related videos before deciding.

    Marketers say that video marketing helps them increase traffic, sales, and brand awareness more than any other form of content. Using video content for marketing ensures a highly engaging, flexible, and accessible way to grab the target audience’s attention.

    • User-Generated Content

    Content, like reviews, comments, social media posts, testimonials, case studies, and product use videos, is collectively called user-generated content (UGC).

    Companies can leverage UGC to promote their brand in many ways. They can plan for organizing photo contests, use third-party product reviews, set up user-generated FAQs, or run customer testimonials.

    User-generated content has been used in the B2C market for years, and is finally starting to trend in the B2B space as well. For buyers, user-generated content is more authentic and credible than brand-created content.

    Promoting, incentivizing, and rewarding UGC can be an efficient way to engage with potential clients and establish trust. That is the reason why we anticipate seeing more of it in the coming year.

    • Interactive Content

    In 2024, B2B marketers will continue creating and distributing interactive content. It increases audience engagement and creates a more immersive experience for buyers. This content benefits B2B marketers by increasing engagement rates and enhancing customer data collection.

    Interactive content can have many forms, including quizzes, contests, surveys, polls, and interactive videos or infographics. Passive content can be converted into interactive content by adding elements that encourage greater customer participation.

    The best interactive content is engaging, informative, and entertaining. B2B marketers can expect to see higher engagement rates and increased customer loyalty by providing interactive experiences, in 2024.

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    • Conversational content

    Today’s B2B buyers are exposed to marketing content filled with adspeak. This makes them crave more natural, personable, relatable, and humorous interactions.

    Customers prefer to engage in conversations rather than being talked to.

    As a result, the most successful B2B marketers in 2024 will be those who shift their focus from talking to their audience to having conversations with them.

    Conversational content can make readers feel heard and understood. It can give buyers the impression that they are having a one-on-one conversation with a brand. This approach can make them feel valued. It is an effective way to build long-lasting and genuine relationships with customers. 

    To create conversational content, marketers must understand the preferences and challenges of their target audience and communicate in their language. Such content can take different forms, ranging from social media posts that end with engaging questions to chatbots that answer customer queries.

    The key is to connect with the audience deeper. In 2024, marketers anticipate seeing more conversational blogs, articles, and ebooks. This means using shorter sentences, contractions, active voice, simple language, and storytelling techniques.

    Summing Up

    Businesses are emphasizing B2B content marketing, which remains a powerful tool for boosting traffic and engaging customers.

    Thus, marketers can stick to these trends to engage customers and bring positive results from their content marketing campaigns.

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