Marketing is getting complex with the enormous amount of data targeted to meet customer expectations, that marketers need to sift through to run campaigns successfully

A research conducted by Adjust estimated that every average marketer runs about 19 campaigns over around 14 networks. This indicates that each day a marketer handles about a minimum of 260 distinct bids and spend limits.

Optimizing the Martech Stack needs Smart Management by Stakeholders

According to the report published by CrowdFlower, about 80% of the average marketer’s day goes in data segregation and management. Adjust’s research also mapped data management as marketers’ most significant pain points, discovering how they slog daily to manage campaign data. Mundane actions, like – merging disparate data sources, individually updating budgets and bids, and keeping data accurate, were all cited as critical tasks that took the maximum time. Automation promises to change how marketers work forever and empower them to focus more on creativity, innovation, and strategy.

The status quo

Considering the mobile space, automation helps marketers to spend more time on the tasks that can be quickly sorted by using software and machine learning, especially with data management and analysis. Mobile marketing is a complex and sophisticated topic. Still, the reality is that it involves a lot of massively time-consuming manual tasks – from sifting through Excel spreadsheets to manual data entry.
While automation conjures up robot overlords and lost jobs, the automation tools actually support marketers to unlock their creativity, providing more space for them to focus on what matters most: strategy.

Marketing automation kills complexity

Automation liberates the marketers from the nitty-gritty tasks as machines are best at dealing with simple, frequent decisions; while humans are better at critical decision-making. And, firms need to use this symbiotic relationship between humans and bots smartly to succeed.

For brands to reap the benefits of automation, they need to focus on creatives and campaigns to adjust bids in real-time. Considering the cut-throat competition in the market, brands need to first concentrate on the creatives-side. Ad creatives age quickly, so they need to be reworked and revised constantly to ensure that they reach out to their full potential.

Successful CMO-CIO Collaboration is a key to Drive Businesses

Leveling the playing field

For ages was the team size and budget that a company could throw to acquire and retain customers, determined their marketing success. With advanced marketing automation, the marketing dynamics will changes forever, as the battle will shift from outspending to outthinking the competition.

Automation and machine learning will liberate digital marketers from mundane tasks, giving them time to focus on creative and strategic decisions. Harnessing creativity will push the industry forward, and also lead to increased job satisfaction, as marketers can concentrate on what is actually essential.