Automation and Campaign Management Tools – Priorities for MarTech Teams

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    Automation and Campaign Management Tools – Priorities for MarTech Teams

    Most martech professionals are increasingly working with intelligent marketing tools – to meet the constant customer demands and remain in the competition

    With the widespread acceptance of digital transformation, the marketing concept is evolving. Today, a majority of the marketers and entrepreneurs highly rely on martech. The latest study by MarTech Today, in collaboration with, revealed that – most market leaders, nearly 70%, are prioritizing marketing automation and different campaign management tools. The study titled, “2020 Martech Career Study” has surveyed over 250 martech professionals, from both B2B and B2C industry globally.

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    As per the study, 82 % of the surveyed respondent reported “training and supporting marketing staff on martech products” as a critical part of their responsibilities, while another 77% noted operating marketing technology products.

    The study was focussed on understanding the martech team and getting insight into what is shaping the roles in the marketplace. When inquired about which marketing tools are to be used mostly, most marketers indicated to intelligent marketing solutions. According to Scott Brinker, MarTech Conference Chair as reported to have said, “You start to get this fascinating insight into how these different kinds of marketing technologist roles differ,”

    Many respondents said that they are putting in the same time with spreadsheets as they are towards automation and campaign platforms. However, the ‘Spreadsheets’ part is surprising; the second most used martech solution of today – and thus, many are still stuck in the reporting mode.

    And, this is no secret to the marketing operations (MOPs) team – precisely at the current scenario. Now, they are more focused on getting the campaigns run actively with remote resources and staff. Marketers spend at least 10 hours a week on spreadsheets – which includes Excel, Airtable, and Google Sheets. While the MOPs teams are spending the most time on campaign responsibilities and automation, the other set of martech professionals teams are busy with preparing the reports!

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    Another 60% of the martech professionals reported they spend over 10 hours in CRM platforms or other customer data management tools. Similarly, project management is also a crucial tool of all the martech team – about 50% of the survey respondents spending most of their workweek working on project management tools. Nearly 40% of all the surveyed respondents revealed they have been using marketing technology at least a decade or more.

    MarTech Today said it had been witnessed that the martech landscape is booming – from 100 logos in 2011 to over 7,000 solutions by 2019. It may seem even today that we were just getting started with automation and other marketing technologies. In reality, businesses across the world are experimenting with martech to keep up with their exponential growth, much faster than we understand.