AI Giving a New Life to Digital Marketing

    AI, Digital Marketing

    With digital marketing becoming increasingly important for businesses, firms need to think beyond conventional techniques. With the ability to simplify the collection, analysis, and decoding process of the data, AI has the potential to transform the digital strategy.

    As digital marketing gains significance for business expansion,   strategies need to go beyond conventional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

    AI is the key to future-proof digital marketing i. Google’s   RankBrain had noticed more accurate search engine results post-adoption of AI, back in 2015. The fact is that a fifth of all the searches done on Google is voice-based.

    It is a significant chunk, and digital marketers should plan their marketing strategies and website optimization, with this in mind. Today, firms are using voice search alongside text search to simplify marketing.

    AI can help to accurately predict customer behavior. Today, there is massive adoption of AI techniques like AI chatbots and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) that help to reduce load time enhancing user experience.

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    Advancements in predictive analytics simplify the marketing process, extracting more information from data and predicting customer behavior, concern, and expectations. Firms apply cluster models to group data and predict market purchase trends.

    The predictive analysis provides lead scoring filtered based on their readiness to purchase is also instrumental in boosting sales and marketing divisions. This helps businesses to upsell and cross-sell, based on existing data collected by AI.

    If a company’s website mobile browser pages are not loading instantly, it can spoil the user experience. AMPs are the saviors in such cases. The AMP plugin makes the web pages load faster by stripping them down to the necessary coding.

    RankBrain has assisted Google to comprehend better what the users are looking for, making AMP content automatically appear in the top stories carousel. Businesses with an AMP page always have better chances of featuring in the top three search results of Google.

    The time is ripe for companies to employ AI-based technologies, which are significantly better. AI simplifies processes to retain customer data, minimizing the scope of customer complaints. AI can easily handle multiple customer requests simultaneously, eliminating the wait time. They also track the purchase patterns of customers, allowing firms to revamp their marketing strategy to boost sales.

    Lastly, companies need to scale up and strengthen their content marketing strategies. A secure content marketing strategy practices content-rich marketing, creating a brand image based on sharing insightful, educational, or entertaining articles.

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    It serves to add value to the lives of the readers. Research has shown that this strategy is much more effective in attracting and retaining customers because it is not purely promotional. Once the content is ready to connect with the user, firms can scale it up with an influencer-marketing platform to ensure that it reaches the maximum target audience.

    Embracing AI technologies will benefit the digital marketing strategies of firms in multiple ways. AI will not replace the core jobs of marketers and advertisers but will enable them to unleash their creativity and strategic potential. Businesses need to identify the roadblocks faced by their past marketing campaigns and use insights derived from AI-based marketing to solve the issues.