AI Critical For Brand Strategy


    AI has become the go-to technology for businesses to be able to connect with their audiences, in the right manner.

    The rapid rise of AI in the market today is all about how this trend will upend multiple industries, redefine businesses, and bring in new job roles. However, less attention is being paid to leveraging the technology towards brand strategy. Experts believe that in the future, intelligent machines will become crucial tools for formulating and acting on brand strategies.

    CXOs need to establish that AI is not a newcomer flash in the pan for the market; it is a disrupting force, which will alter the way business is done over the next few years. It has arrived and is already disrupting business operations, making it essential for everyone, from associates to C-Suite level, to understand the technology, to stay ahead of competition.

    There is a need for higher dependence on Artificial Intelligence programs to effectively target customers, and even to write for them. Email marketers have already started seeing their click-through rates soar upwards by 14% after using AI.

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    AI algorithms can sort through several prospective customers in an instant, quickly identify likely sales targets and figure out the most persuasive language for a pitch. Experts have forecasted that this trend will continue into the coming future until all e-marketing strategies become AI-driven, which also is lowering costs and provides better results than human strategists.

    The number of consumers using ad-blockers is increasing rapidly. Brands need to cut through this noise to deliver a persuasive message to customers. This has given birth to an AI arms race, where creative marketers are finding themselves pitted against one another to provide the most engaging user experience.

    Those who are not yet leveraging predictive analytics and powerful algorithms to deliver better user experience simply do not stand a chance to stay in business.

    The best aspect of AI, experts say, is that it can be leveraged for success by any size of enterprise. Small businesses can actually deliver similar experiences as giant corporate competitors by employing predictive analytics operations. In fact, eager entrepreneurs with innovative brands can get a better foot into the market, thanks to ad-targeting using AI.

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    According to experts who have analyzed the rise of chatbots, almost 90% of all digital customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020. This prediction also takes us to small business owners who will also leverage AI to thrive in the long-term.

    In the 21st century, brands are not solely driven by human employees and marketing initiatives but are also partly determined by the way customers react to the chatbots and automated processes in which the business plan is instituted.

    The adoption costs for AI are dropping constantly, and more experts are cropping up all over the map. With data becoming the most valuable commodity, it will soon become more imperative for businesses to have perceptive algorithms that can crunch the vast numbers.

    For businesses planning a rebranding in the 21st century, AI-powered branding strategies might prove to be better than perceptive marketers.

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