AdTech and Targeted Digital Advertising – Video Advertising is Ruling the Startups and SMEs

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    AdTech and Targeted Digital Advertising – Video Advertising is Ruling the Startups and SMEs

    AdTech and targeted digital advertising strategies like video marketing are essential for startups and SMEs to optimize their marketing spend, reach out to the maximum audience, and to push up their ROI.

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    The conventional marketing leveraging one-size-fits-all advertising is limited to specific minor fragments that call for a radical change. Advertising technologies help firms to adhere to the profound change by adapting to a cohesive system that allows firms to personalize their marketing efforts. The new wave of firms leveraging Martech and AdTech showcases how startups are venturing and capitalizing on online videos to create a close-knit community.

    With consumer awareness making consumer behavior dynamics change towards content consumption, the B2B marketing industry has witnessed a substantial change. The target audiences are shifting from the traditional advertising ecosystem to online platforms for consuming content. This has become an excellent opportunity for startups and firms with limited funds to reach out to the maximum audience.

    Online marketing has created new opportunities to attract the attention of a large target audience group, developing a decent social presence, and leveraging the credibility of well-established publishers. The use of AI for marketing has created hitherto unknown possibilities and unlocked new opportunities. The use of video analytics is one of the best examples of how firms are leveraging technology to enhance recall of the target audience. Even in the post-production stage,  algorithms can be easily used to fabricate personalized versions of the same footage. SMEs running on tight budgets are the early adopters of video marketing, as this allows them to compete with the industry giants even with limited funds.

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    Online video ads are gaining maximum consumer interaction, as it remains one of the most influential forms of content available online. Video ads enjoy almost six times more recall as compared to other types of online content. Below are the top factors bolstering the demand for video advertising over other advertising forms:


    The money invested in the creation of video content is comparatively much lower than the cost of traditional marketing mediums. Unlike the conventional methods, crafting an online marketing video doesn’t need a fortune in investment to secure screen time on the prime mass communication channels. For startups and SMEs, this is rather the most cost-effective and practical alternative for audience interaction.

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    Video versatility

    Video content is no doubt more versatile and if personalized smartly, creates tremendous brand recognition creating loyal customers. Video ads can be conveniently stretched in the desired length for a featured video, a quick short video, fabricated for streaming and advertising, or can be published as series. The video can be curated for the viewers to be educated, informed, or entertained. And for startups and SMEs, this offers endless possibilities.

    Re-enact consistency

    The scope of online videos is indisputable as it ensures consistency of new content deep routed by the present business scenarios. There is an option to recycle the content by circulating it whenever the advertisers feel the need.

    Digital preferences of audiences

    The majority of today’s population is equipped with smartphones and Internet connectivity. Almost half of the consumers watch and prefer videos on social media rather than traditional modes like television. This makes online videos shared on social media a seamless medium to earn a receptive audience.

    With the slow demise of traditional marketing strategies, AdTech and innovative marketing like video marketing are paving the way to the future of marketing. These proprietary advertising technologies are establishing a seamless video streaming ecosystem for the new age advertisers to stand out. These technologies are instrumental in reaching the advertiser’s precise target market by adding substantial value to the advertiser’s investment, offering an end-to-end engagement service.

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    As compared to the past years, the growth journey of startups is made comparatively easy with less costly and straightforward marketing strategies creating the maximum impact. Video marketing stands out to be the best strategy establishing brand image and recognition the fastest, with the least investments required.