7 Strategies to Enhance B2B Search Experience (SX)


    B2B business owners can take control of some aspects of the B2B search experience with the proper search functionality and a sound strategy (Sx).

    A successful search triggers a robust, seamless customer experience; B2 B companies invest time and resources into their search programs to deliver better search experiences (Sx) to their customers, outpacing the competitors and ultimately converting more business.

    Personalized Search Results

    Personalization is all time favorite appealing strategy that works for B2B customers. It has a higher relevance in B2B because it has the most frequent customers. In B2B, the personalization algorithm makes it easy for enterprises to use their sizeable historical buying and browsing data to deliver a highly personalized B2B search experience (Sx).

    Understanding B2B Searcher

    B2B takes a long time to convert a prospect into a customer. To be on the B2B buyer search results list, enterprises need to understand the B2B searcher requirements. They must evaluate their position within the buying journey because it is essential for creating optimized content offering the best B2B search experience (Sx). In addition, websites must emphasize accessing B2B audiences, putting an equal amount of effort into gaining relevant search engine rankings for their site.

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    Better B2B solutions

    B2B buyers look for B2B solutions in all possible places and analyze in-depth for the best solution. To hold B2B visitors longer on a site, enterprises should optimize their content as per customer needs offering information that customers are looking for to assess the company and its offering. Enterprises must rely on analytics and B2B experience metrics to measure stickiness factors, such as time spent on specific pages, clickthrough rates, call to action, and length of visit to offer a better B2B search experience (Sx).

    Ongoing heatmap analysis is another way B2B companies can analyze search experience, ensuring appropriate links on the home page, which will lead customers to the most critical content.

    Organized content

    B2B organizations are not just based on selling products, and maintaining customer relationship is an integral part of company growth which require that content should be organized, offering insights from industry thought leaders and a trusted resource. As B2B buyers utilize all the videos, demos, blogs, newsletters, etc., before making any buying decision, B2B organizations can help businesses in building a better relationship with their audience enhancing the customer search experience (Sx).

    Search by partial or complete SKU nos.

    In B2B e-commerce,  most of the B2B customers are aware of the products they are looking for, their search queries often contain product no. or SKUs. Therefore, companies must optimize their product offering with product numbers or SKUs that will improve search capabilities enhancing the B2B search experience (Sx).

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    Search experience with compliance and compatibility

    It is not important that B2B customer would know the exact name of the product accessory that they need but might be aware of the product name the accessory is associated with. Therefore, enterprises should offer buyers to search for compatible products. A company’s ability to allow customers to search by compliance requirements will provide them with an amazing search experience (Sx) and influence their purchasing behavior. Their procurement may also dictate products that are in line with consumer expectations. Their procurement might also mandate products that are as per customer needs making it more important for a business to provide buyers with the ability to search by compliance requirement giving great search experience (Sx) and influencing their buying decision.


    B2B organization linking building is way more different from the B2C one, as B2B marketers are typically smaller having fewer sites that are capable of linking to the B2B sites. B2B enterprises need to be a little more creative to increase the inbound linking nos. To their sites. B2B organizations can take the help of their supplier networks for inbound links. Enterprises can also create link bait focused on a different but related market with a small target audience and for very specific niches, the B2B blog audience can be widened by blogging more about general company-related topics which will also improve the enterprise search experience (Sx).

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