5 Must-Keep Resolutions B2B Marketers Need to Keep this Year

    5 Must-Keep Resolutions B2B Marketers Need to Keep this Year-01

    B2B marketing should evolve continually to capture mind share, generate leads, and convert sales in an increasingly loud and crowded online ecosystem. Marketers need to take some substantive, tangible resolutions to help them thrive personally and professionally in 2022.

    All the challenges and changes brought on by the global pandemic will continue to impact brands in 2022. To fight these challenges, marketers need to make effective resolutions this year to stay ahead of their peers and competitors.

    1. Creating authentic content

    According to the ‘Bridging the Gap: Consumer & Marketing Perspectives on Content in the Digital Age’ survey, 90% of consumers say authenticity is an essential factor when identifying brands they like or support. Many B2B marketers, however, face significant cognitive dissonance when creating actual authentic content with a unique voice, perspective, experience, and expertise. About 92% of marketers believe that their content resonates as genuine, and 51% of consumers find that half of the brands create authentic content.

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    1. Struggle for brand salience

    A highly effective B2B marketing campaign creates brand salience that drives sales and conversions at the right time. 2022 marketing content should be intensely customer-focused, speaking to consumers’ persona and providing engaging, insightful, and usable content that’s memorable and worth their time investment.

    Besides creating marketing materials that resonate internally, marketers need to understand the target buyer persona better and ensure that all the efforts deliver brand salience. Brand salience is challenging to measure by clicks and short-term leads, but the long-term payout is worth waiting.

    1. Effective Case Studies

    The ‘B2B Buyer Behavior Study’ report reveals that case studies are integral in evaluating prospect vendors. According to the report, around 42% of B2B marketers plan to create more case studies in 2022, demonstrating any organization’s product efficacy, service quality, and expertise. And this makes case studies more effective than e-books, interviews, and data infographics. Unlike other published works, case studies play an integral part in buyers choosing any particular organization.

    Whether publishing on the company website, distributing through the email list, or presenting on social media, marketers will not miss this critical opportunity to reach their target audience this year.

    1. Sustainability in Marketing programs

    The ‘State of B2B Influencer Marketing Research Report’ revealed that 60% of marketers believe sustained marketing programs are more successful. Companies should balance short-term marketing results with long-term outcomes in 2022. Refraining from jumping from strategy to strategy, B2B marketers look for a quick win without wasting any resources along the way. While prioritizing continuity and sustainability, they should regularly assess the performance of ongoing marketing initiatives.

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    1. Remain agile and responsive 

    The last year was disruptive, disorienting, and transformative, and brands needed to pivot their real-time efforts. While B2B marketing thrives when it is persistent and sustainable, companies also need to keep an eye on shifting trends and emerging realities.

    The pandemic revealed and underscored the centrality of agile marketing. As the crisis unfolded, a company could quickly find its message was wrong, or its supply chain could not deliver, immediately creating an advertising and PR crisis.

    Nobody knows what this New Year has in its bucket. However, one can be sure that it will require effective marketing campaigns to adapt and respond under any circumstances.

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