4 Ways Marketers Can Bring Human Touch to B2B Marketing

    B2B Marketing

    Creativity lies at the crux of data-driven B2B marketing. In 2020, marketers will need to take personalization a step further and connect with consumers on a deeper level.

    Some of the biggest lessons B2B marketers learned in 2019 are: it is crucial to engage with customers on a far deeper level, personalization is essential, and that there is not such a big  gap between B2B and B2C. In 2020, they will need to focus further on consumers’ emotions and pump more human touch into B2B marketing.

    Join the dots from B2B to B2C

    There is a fine line between B2B buyers and B2C consumers. A survey from Accenture says that 71% of consumers want B2C-like experiences. B2B marketers need to go the extra mile to market the company or get internal buy-in to do things differently. They should keep gaining new skill sets and engage with sales teams, and become advocates for doing things differently.

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    Don’t ignore consumer emotions

    Generally, emotions important when it comes to B2C marketing. However, let’s not forget that B2B buyers are only human. Similar to consumers, they are affected by aspiration, excitement, and also about the fear of missing out. In fact, as per experts, 80% of buying decisions are made entirely unconsciously. Even the most ardent buyer relies on systems of association, relevance, and other criteria that are not rational. Emotions are vital to support the decision-making process for buyers. Marketers need to inject an unconscious sense of reward and personal value in buyers. Convey the message in a way that prospective buyers feel their emotions are being considered.

    Personalization is crucial

    As per Gartner, personalization comprises 14% of the marketing budget, yet more than one in four marketers cite technology as a critical obstacle to personalization. At the same time, 92% of marketers consider ABM as an essential strategy. Therefore, their ABM efforts, as well as content, need to enable deep, personalized conversations with prospects. A creative mindset is necessary along with modern technology and behavioral analytics, for the same.

    Offer exciting experiences

    Marketers can create compelling experiences for buyers by combining all data on prospects. They can use technology and data to generate content that understands the context in which it’s being consumed. Marketers need to capture data and use technical and creative prowess to gain a buyer’s attention. They can target all digital properties, from eBooks to landing pages and videos.

    Integrate human touch          

    The availability of information through digital channels has made it easier for buyers to gather information independently. Meanwhile; B2B marketing have limited access and fewer opportunities to influence customer decisions. They can engage audiences on a human-to-human level by influencing the buying process, generate more leads, and drive better ROI.

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