In 2020, the marketing and customer experience landscape will benefit from customer attention and loyalty.

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Today, tech infrastructures enable organizations to consolidate their data into a single view of customers and act on it in an agile manner. Companies are expected to focus on AI-augmented content, witness digital maturity and do much more in 2020.

  1. Integrated data will take a front seat

In a bid to enhance the customer journey, companies will focus on integrating their data in 2020. Organizations need to have an integrated view of the experience that individual customers are having. It will help in the overall customer. In 2020, leveraging CDPs and journey orchestration will be top priorities for organizations. Today, enterprises want to become more customer-centric and data-driven, as they understand how to unlock more value from data activation. Marketing and sales data will lead to a closely aligned operating model which will ensure that strategic plans and customer engagement go hand-in-hand.

  1. More focus on AI-Augmented Content

In 2020 marketers and customer experience professionals will create content in line with several AI platforms. The platforms are set to augment the quality of content and predict how useful the content will be for specific customer segments. According to experts, AI-augmented content will play a significant role in customer experience. AI is crucial for B2B organizations that are trying to personalize experiences for individuals at scale. Content velocity and content proliferation have become vital owing to the increase in access to customer information.

  1. Enterprises will witness a digital maturity

Enterprises that are already a part of digital transformation will now move to the next phase of digital maturity in the form of customer experience management. Having a diversified CX team will become a key trend in 2020. Organizations that are already focusing on CX will further prioritize their investments in the coming years. Those who are leading in CX will have access to real-time, intelligent, and predictive customer data. The data is core to all of the experiences they create along the journey in marketing, sales, customer service.

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  1. Marketing is the key for company-wide digital transformation

As per Forrester, just 16% of CMOs are responsible for leading the execution of the company’s digital transformation. With the advent of new customer-centric business transformation, more CMOs are being assigned to lead the transformation that spans across all the functions that touch the customer. Marketing transformation has a near-term impact on the business as well as tangible capabilities.