3 Key Strategies for Boosting High-Value Engagement

    3 Key Strategies for Boosting High-Value Engagement

    Customers today are hyper-aware, making it challenging for firms to keep them engaged. However, there are a variety of customer engagement strategies and techniques that can be used to build a real, long-lasting connection with customers that goes beyond selling.

    One of the most important concerns facing marketers today is customer engagement. Successful customer engagement is not only about making the user experience as smooth and efficient as possible, but that’s only a part of it. Another big part is also about establishing a brand personality that people will enjoy learning about and engaging with.

    If their local social media marketing efforts are not working or they are not getting the engagement they need, there are several steps that marketers can take to remedy that, and improve things. All of the strategies listed below are simple to adopt, and the time and effort businesses put into them will pay off in the form of new leads and sales.

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    Increase the number of locations that publish on social media

    Customers will appreciate that their business is spending the time and effort to engage with them locally, and they will often reciprocate with high-valued engagement.

    If getting all places on the same posting schedule isn’t practicable, businesses should strive to meet the industry average while posting on as many sites as possible. To make the work less onerous, businesses should try working in groups of sites or set a goal to add locations over time. Businesses aiming to scale need to find social media and content management systems that fit their strategy and size.

    Invest In reputation management

    Customers today regard reviews to be the most important consideration when making a purchasing decision. If their company can raise the number of reviews, they will almost certainly boost their high-value engagement and, as a result, drive more sales.

    Businesses should respond to reviews in a timely and individualized manner if the number of reviews received increases. When customers see that their business responds to feedback, they are more likely to remember them when they make a purchase. This entails responding to both favorable and unfavorable reviews.

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    More localized content should be tested

    Finally, localized content can help businesses drive high-valued engagement. If a multi-location business consistently posts corporate-level social content, they may be missing out on an opportunity to build localized content. This is a loss since it is localized content that satisfies the desire for a local connection that consumers crave now more than ever before.

    Businesses should ensure they create a presence in all local online platforms, so the outreach goes up. Following the claim of their local pages, multi-location firms should consider how they may communicate with their customers through localized content.

    Engagement will be boosted by increasing the volume of localized material posted by their company locations. Customers will be more likely to communicate with localized content relevant to them rather than general corporate content. That isn’t to argue that their multi-location company shouldn’t provide corporate information, but there should be a balance.

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