3 Customer Experience Technology Trends to Look Forward to In 2019

    Customer Experience

    Advanced technologies and mobility will power the customer experience of tomorrow.

    There are a lot of ways to connect with customers, with technologies like AI and VR. Machine Learning, AI, VR, and AR are really changing the customer connect paradigm visually and enabling companies to craft their strategies to perfection.

    Here are the few technologies that are changing the customer experience never before:

    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Many AR retail applications today focus on helping consumers experience brands and products without having to go into stores. Companies can share new product designs through VR and provide a detailed, visible guideline of the exact specifications, and the benefits their customers can expect. Using AR to see how potential products and blueprints fit into current operations allows customers to give more relevant feedback than ever before.

    Voice Recognition: Businesses can’t afford to ignore the way the wind is blowing when it comes to customer expectations. Hoteliers are no different in that regard. As per the Pindrop study, 28% of enterprises have already adopted voice technology to improve the customer experience, and another 57% plan to deploy it in the next 12 months.

    Artificial Intelligence: Streamlining processes improves   customer experience exponentially by making it simpler for them to purchase products and services. AI can help to reduce the amount of friction they might have faced while trying to extract the right information while using legacy Systems, for example, to track a delivery courier, they no longer need to reach out to a traditional contact center and waiting for manual inputs – a human operator. To streamline the process, an AI based Chatbots is today making the process much faster and easier.

    Going forward, AI has a huge amount of potential to allow marketers to see it as the next big thing .